Fundraising Results

posted Feb 3, 2014, 11:39 PM by Laurie Burk   [ updated Jul 24, 2015, 2:16 PM by Denise Taylor ]
As I thought about what to write I realized that I never let you all know how we did on our most recent fundraisers.  Last November we held our first Applebees Flapjack fundraiser.  Those that helped out that day had a great time!  Santa was even there.  We had about 100 people show up for breakfast that morning.  In the end, we profited about $1100.  Not bad for a two hour fundraiser.  I'm hoping that we can do this again soon.  Maybe sometime in early summer.  Another fundraiser we did not too long ago was a garage sale at Doris Blazenski's home.  Thanks for offering your home Doris!  Considering it was quite the stormy day, we raised approximately $586!  We are planning another garage sale at Diane Watson's home in July or August this year.  By the way, I will need a chair for each of these future fundraisers.  Both are fairly easy to chair!  We also sold Poinsettias at Christmastime, not as a fundraiser, but for our own enjoyment.  I unfortunately do not have a total here, but we did make several hundred dollars.  And ongoing is Scrip.  Keep those orders coming ladies!  It's an extremely easy fundraiser to do. Well, maybe not easy for Janice Lacombe who is doing all the logistics, but for the rest of us.......we shop right?  So buy those gift cards before you do!

Now for some future stuff.  We will once again sell Mother's Day flowers.  But, the board has decided that we will not make this an official fundraiser because we have so much going on at the time we would sell these flowers.  I will however be making these lovely plants available to purchase, or sell if you want to, in March.  Orders will be due April 10th with delivery in time for Mother's Day on Sunday May 11th. As soon as I figure out how to do it, I will post some pictures of past plants that we have sold.  They are gorgeous! 

Does anyone have any great ideas for fundraisers?  We could sure use some great ideas.  Just let me know!