posted Apr 2, 2014, 8:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 24, 2015, 2:14 PM by Denise Taylor ]
Hello Ladies!  Only one person showed up for the Budget Meeting and she had some great ideas and viewpoints which were considered by the CMT.  Some were even incorporated!  So see, it does pay to get involved!  Good decisions were made that will be shared with you at a later date!
I was pleased to see 32 signed up for the Advance!  That's awesome!  I can hardly wait to see how the intense coaching will enhance our singing & dancing skills!
A point discussed at our budget meeting was another way to obtain funding.  CMT decided to support a program of corporate sponsors.  Different levels of colors (gold, silver, etc.) for different levels of donations.  A sponsor can be a one-time large donation, a quarterly donation or a donation for the young women's fund that we want to start.  This will help defray costs for students or women under 25 that want to join OSC.  So as you solicit for silent auction donations, ask about an ongoing sponsorship.  We are NON-PROFIT after all :)
Also, I will be presenting a new dues package for you all to consider.  The change in All-Events Ticket (AET) pricing caught us off guard, and we have a new costume assessment going into place starting in May.  Stay tuned and be at rehearsals so you can hear the plan and get your questions answered!
Love you all :)