OSC's Core Values and Commitments

posted Jan 3, 2018, 8:27 PM by OregonSpirit   [ updated Jan 11, 2018, 8:16 AM by Denise Taylor ]
Here's to every OSC member and guest who has participated in the Core Value exercises we've been working on since October!!! Together you identified the shared values you all feel are at the core of OSC and you wrote the following, wonderful Value Statement:
OREGON SPIRIT CHORUS is a community of innovative and passionate women united through our love of singing and performing, dedicated to musical excellence and lifelong learning, and inspired by the bonds of friendships and the joy of creating harmony.

Last night we took the next step towards identifying and solidifying how we achieve/embody/live our shared core values every rehearsal and every day as members of Oregon Spirit Chorus. I really appreciate how you stretched yourselves to put your actions and thoughts into these statements of commitment. Please take some time to review the statements from last night and to share any additional thoughts you have. The goal is to, as a group agree on 4-6 commitments that every chorus member feels are necessary so that we practice and live our core values each and every day. 

(As you consider the statements below I encourage you to remember the insightful comments from Norine and Karen (our guest) last night. These commitment statements are intended to be more general because it's up to each member individually to figure out how they can best fulfill/meet them.)

Every chorus member appreciates that musical excellence is a fundamental part of entertaining and commits to taking responsibility for their own personal development as a singer.

Every chorus member shares their talents in the operation of the chorus and commits to being responsible, to participating in activities and to completing tasks.

Every chorus member should build a feel of community and commits to welcoming newbies, communicating with members regularly, giving service to the group and participating in fundraisers.

Each chorus member will remember her pencil and recorder and commits to packing it the night before.

Every chorus member understands that it takes teamwork to run a chorus and commits to contributing their unique talents to the success of OSC both musically and administratively.

Every chorus member will dedicate themselves to musical excellence and commits to choosing personal responsibility as a singer.

Every chorus member celebrates the joy of music and commits to fun, humor, smiles, passion and putting their game face on.

Each chorus member shall remember thine cans and be aware of how she can add value to OSC and commits to acting on it.

Every chorus member recognizes that they are a vital, important part of our sound and commits to being responsible and accountable for their own preparation and learning.

Every chorus member needs to attend rehearsals and coaching sessions whenever possible and commits to being present and focused at rehearsals.

Every chorus member appreciates lifelong learning and commits to embracing at least one training technique or direction from the director or coach weekly and attends trainings, seminars and workshops.

Every chorus member strives to be a lifelong learner and commits to take advantage of learning opportunities in and out of rehearsal.

Every chorus member needs to learn their music and choreography and commits to practicing outside of chorus.

Every chorus member sees the need to support the growth and strength of our community and commits to being an integral part of the organization and to contribute to the success and well being of our chorus.

Every chorus member tries to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude and commits to making an effort to do this all the time.

Each chorus member shall memorize our songs in their entirety and commits to daily practice to achieve this goal.

Every chorus member is passionate about entertaining audiences and commits to performing with passion, warmth and zeal.

Every member is thankful of the bonds of friendship and commits to treating each other with love and respect.

Every chorus member makes a genuine effort to being a good friend to other and commits to being supportive and making others feel valued.

Every chorus member needs to be prepared each week and commits to practicing their music and choreography throughout the week.

Every chorus member cares for their fellow singers and commits to encouraging and celebrating the personal and vocal development of their chorus sisters.

Each chorus member shalt not hate choreography and commits to practicing in front of the mirror.

Every chorus member understands and values diversity and commits to creating a culture of inclusiveness within OSC.

Cheers and love! -E