OSC's 2017 Advance Information

posted Jan 18, 2017, 6:10 PM by Elaine Rosenberg   [ updated Jan 18, 2017, 6:10 PM by Denise Taylor ]
Hey all,

The weather may be doing everything it can to keep us apart, but your chorus teams and committees have been hard at work planning lots of great things.

Last night at rehearsal we talked a little bit about the upcoming 2017 OSC Advance and I realized many, many members have never been to one before. The Advance is a retreat weekend (we just don't like to call it a retreat because we are moving forward) where we get a full day and a half of intense vocal work and a wonderful overnight bonding experience with all our singing sisters. 

We'll be holding the Advance at the Aldersgate Camps & Retreat Center in Turner on Saturday, April 8 and Sunday April 9 and the wonderful Lea Beverly will be coaching us. The lodging is camp style with bunk beds and we've got a big common room for fun and games. You'll need to bring your sleeping bag and pillow (or your preferred bedding) and any games (PG please) that you think would be fun to play. We are still looking for an Entertainment Czar to organize the evening. Past evenings have included talent shows, karaoke contests and more.

The cost of the Advance is $90/singer, but the great news is that you've exceeded our fundraising goal for the year so we'll be able to help defray the cost! How much OSC will be able to contribute toward your Advance expenses is in your hands! If every member sells 2 Valegrams ($40/each) we'll have $80 that we can put towards paying your Advanced expenses. Check in with Janice and Laurie for more information about sales and to join a Valegram group. The more performance groups we have the more gigs we can take. Please feel free to think out of the box and contact restaurants, museums, care homes, hospitals, office, etc. They often will pay for a block of time for a group to sing throughout the building.

You will see a $20.00 Advance charge on your February OSC Statement. This will be the first (and hopefully last) payment for Advance. We'll make up the difference (either in the form of a refund or an additional charge) in March based on the success of our Valegram fundraiser.