NOTES OF HARMONY November 25. 2015

posted Nov 25, 2015, 9:04 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 26, 2015, 8:50 PM by Denise Taylor ]
Hi Singing Sisters!

Have you recovered from our wonderful adventure in Las Vegas? Wasn't that just the most fun ever?! I'm so proud to be part of this group of over-achievers. Third in the world is a very good place to be! Meow….

You might want an update on the current news from our chorus. There is a lot going on amongst us. Shirley Ayers  ( decided to resign. You might consider sending her a note. Many are on leave of absence until first of the year or so: Judy Kroll, Gloria Jarvis, Klea Ford, Mary Cotton, Diane Elliott, Karlene Hancock, and Lisa Fieber. Marian Martin will be coming every other week for a while. Also, Ana Hazel has decided not to continue at this time (  

Here are the names of the voice lesson guests and a few others that came in the Fall but didn't attend voice lessons. If you connected with one of them, please consider sending a note or make a phone call over the holiday season to encourage them to come back soon. They are all on the guest email, so all you have to do is begin to type their names, and their addresses pop right up.

Leads: Linda Cunningham,  Kurleen Nowiskas, Kathy Wilson, Dana McBrien (not until she retires), Laura Christian (just moved here-may come later), Brooks Dean (considering-has conflict on Tues), Rose Treasure (came in the Fall), Karen Koepl (maybe end of 2016)

Basses: Kim Delaney, Julie Harris, Kathleen Johnson, Kathleen Henderson (Willamette music major-came in Fall) ,Nancy Klass (not sure what her plans are-came in the Spring)

Baris: Adry Clark, Ahsley Almquist-Ingersoll (Willamette music major-came in Summer), Shannon Dailey, Julie Ganung, Nancy Lynne (Oreg. Coast), Karen Wildman (Oreg Coast), Phyllis Van Arsdale (can't come back for a while)

Tenors: Sue Hittle, Bonnie Hodge, Cindy Meyers, Linda O'Donnell, Maddie Sims, Bonnie Hodge, Ana Hazel (not now)

I do not have voice parts noted for Sue Crothers and Marci Mulholland.

AUDITIONS FOR DEC: Kim Delaney, Adry Clark, Linda O'Donnell, Cindy Meyers, Maddie Sims, Linda Cunningham, Karen Wildman, Kathy Wilson, Nancy Lynne

AUDITIONS FOR JAN:  Shannon Dailey, Sue Crothers, Sally Assay,  Christy Hunter

In anticipation of new members, I have asked our sewers to work on aprons. If you have any fabric you could donate, please do so soon. Or if you also sew and could find 30 min to make an apron, we sure could use a few more! Thanks so much!

Remember we're going to be singing Winter Wonderland, Go Tell It, Jingle Bell Rock, & Peace on Earth at December rehearsals. Take a few minutes to review these! Then we'll be off until January 5.

The Elks Club is doing their food drive for baskets for needy families again this year. If you can help with canned goods or dry non-perishables, please bring items to the club before Dec 15.

Reminder:  all rehearsals go back to regular hours 7-9:30, starting in December.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy Roberson
Oregon Spirit Chorus
Membership Coordinator