NOTES OF HARMONY November 15, 2014

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Here's a question for you: What is vibrato? Do I have it? Do I want it? Is vibrato a GOOD thing? Stand by---

Boy, attendance has been pretty sparse the last couple of weeks. Good thing we've had our Christmas Chorus attending, or the risers would have seemed empty. Remember that Kathy is designing the lineup for all of our performances, including the most important one--the Christmas show on December 12 at the Elk's Club. Let's see if we can get near 100% attendance at rehearsals, so the riser chart can be completed and we can find our best sound. Also, our Christmas Chorus people might want some help! It's cold and flu season--we don't want you to share illness, but remember if you've been sick and your voice still isn't 100%, Come! You can learn a lot by sitting out and listening! 

The weekend of our show will be busy with moving the risers, decorating for the show, and Applebees, too. We're not complaining, though, right? These are the commitments that get us the fund-raising we need. Tell everyone you know about the show, put up fliers everywhere you go (I noticed last time, some of the ones I put up disappeared after a few days, so I put 'em up again!)  

Admission will be free to the Holiday Harmony Show, but there will be many opportunities to donate, with fabulous silent auction baskets. The Elks Club will promote us in their bulletin, so we might see some new faces in the audience. The Afterglow will be right there at the Elks. If you want to have dinner before the show, the dining room will be open from 5-7 and for the show, doors open at 6:30, show at 7:30. They just ask that we let them know how many of us want dinner so they can prepare. Dinners are priced from $6.50 - $16. I will get a menu soon.

We will begin moving the risers anytime after 10 am on Friday. The Elks room needs to be decorated and set up. Please make yourselves available to help on this day, if you can. We will not need to return the risers to Micah until Saturday, after the Applebees breakfast. But we will need help for moving risers at that time. PLEASE plug yourself in somewhere!! You will soon be hearing specific requests from committee members.

Answer: Kathy asks us not to use vibrato as ensemble singers, because vibrato makes it hard to ring chords. Barbershop is all about ringing chords! A little vibrato might be a good thing in healthy, relaxed SOLO singing, especially at the end of phrases. Here is a good discussion about vibrato, with some demonstration. See what you think: 
Maybe Kathy will address this for us sometime soon.

See You Tuesday!!

Tammy Roberson