posted Jan 11, 2016, 9:26 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 11, 2016, 1:25 PM by Denise Taylor ]
Welcome to 2016 -- a year full of possibilities and lots of new music! 

There is a lot going on in OSC. As expected, there have been many resignations after Harmony Classic. Here is the list of those who have decided to move on: 
Shirley Ayers, Lisa Fieber, Gloria Jarvis, Mary Cotton, Kathi Schie, Tammy Lantis, Laurie LaBrasseur, Sherry Anderson, and Nancy Nelson.

Maddie Sims and Ana Hazel decided not to continue, stating school demands.

Still on leave are Judy Kroll, and Karlene Hancock, but these are coming back in January.

Klea Ford and Lori McGinty became Associate Members this month, too, which means they will not be attending rehearsals or competing with us in Reno. They will stay in touch by email, though.

Kathy's voice lessons were well-attended and brought us many auditions. Six passed their auditions in the first group. More are scheduled for January. We will welcome the FIVE new members next week:

 Nancy Lynne, 1914 SE Kauri St, Toledo, OR  97391, a Baritone, 541-992-5576  DOB 2-18

Kathy Wilson, 425 Cliff St, Depoe Bay, OR  97341, a Lead, 541-992-0093  DOB 1/13

Linda O'Donnell,  PO Box 428, Detroit, OR 97342, a Tenor, 503-931-5475  DOB 4-18

Linda Cunningham, Lead, 6811 Lemongrass Loop Se, Salem, OR  97306, 503-559-4349, DOB 11/23

Cindy Meyers, 1728 Schoolhouse Cr NW, Salem, OR  97304, 503-931-4989, DOB 1/12

We will welcome them in January 12, so spiff up your "Sing and Celebrate!"

Also, a reminder about foul weather. Please be faithful to check your emails and texts on those days for emergency cancellation notifications. We will try hard to decide early enough in the day to prevent members from driving to rehearsal, only to find it is cancelled. Hopefully, we will dodge those bad weather days! No Storms on Tuesdays, I say!