Notes of Harmony 9-6-2014

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Here's a question for you:  How does singing benefit your health and make you feel connected? Stay tuned…….

We have 4 new members!!  Sue DeBit, Bass- from Oregon Coast Chorus, Mary Hadley, Lead,  Diane Elliott, Baritone - DUAL with Columbia River Chorus, and Kathi Schie, Lead,  DUAL with Pride of Portland. Welcome them when you see them! Yeah! We love our NEW MEMBERS!!!

Scoop:  Libby has taken LOA for October and November. Doris Blazenski is on LOA. Linda Barker came back!! Margie has 2 new eyes--cataracts gone! Woo-Hoo!!

I'd like to review our Buddy program.   When new guests come, the Membership team will greet them, but it should be everyone's responsibility to greet them, too-- at the front table, on the risers, in the restroom! Think of yourself as an Official OSC Greeter, whenever you come into contact with a new face. It can be overwhelming to be the only new person in a crowd, and especially in our environment, because singing can be so intimidating. Just deciding to try it is a big (scary) step for some. Remember your first encounter? I sure do.  My buddy helped me a lot in those days!

First guests are welcomed. Then they will be introduced to Kathy and voice-placed, either by Kathy herself,  Lisa,  or Mary, and assigned a Buddy. They will get a name tag and music for the evening, rather than a whole binder, so they can find each song more quickly. They may also want to rent the music binder for $10. The Membership team (Judy, Darlene, Linda, Janet, and me) will help with that.

If you REALLY don't want to be a buddy, please let us know, but if you are experienced in the chorus, and are approached to be someone's buddy, take it seriously. Get her phone number and check in with her during the week. There are a multitude of details, like what to bring onto the risers (a purse? phone?) What about notations in the music that are new to her, recordings? Who is her section leader? Who to call if she is going to be absent? Does she have to learn the whole repertoire at once?  What about parking? Just think HOSPITALITY! Make her a friend, so she will want to come back!

About parking: we do not have restrictions, but we will have to be careful of meter schedules. They do monitor these meters and they do ticket. I have my own souvenir, so I can testify to this. Meters stop at 6 pm.

Our Secret Sisters program gets a new plan!  In order to include as many as possible , we will begin Secret Sisters when Christmas Chorus begins,  and reveal them at the Christmas Party. Karlene will again chair this event. We'll begin circulating forms next month.

We may get a chance to do our proposed " Gently Used Accessory Sale." As we plan ahead for this, think about cleaning out your jewelry box now!  Who doesn't have a number of earrings that are no longer being  used? Consider purses, pins, or scarves, too. Also, as you buy new earrings throughout the year,  please save the cards they come on, so we can prepare our gently -used jewelry for display.

We'll be doing a Rookie Orientation September 30. If you have input from your own experience as a newbie that would help us with curriculum, please share. Or if you would like to help out, we could use that, too. Before chorus on rehearsal night. Refreshments needed.

Answer: Our bodies generate many rhythms, including the beating of our hearts, and the timing of our breathing. These two rhythms are coupled. When we breathe in, our heart rates accelerate. When we breathe out, they slow- a phenomenon known as respiratory sinus arrhythmia. However, the strength of the coupling between heart rate and breathing varies with the situation. Strong coupling promotes improved circulation and makes us feel good.

Typically, heart rate and breathing have been measured in people while they are lying down. But several studies recently looked at this coupling-- while singing. Singing dictates when we breathe, and this coordinated breathing strengthens the  coupling between respiration and heart rate. Not only is this coupling enhanced in a given singer, but all the singers together synchronize their breathing and thus changes in the beating of their hearts. As we sing together, we all breathe together, speed up and slow down our hearts together, and BOND. No wonder music is so powerful. No wonder this chorus has such strong bonds--it's a PHENOMENON!

Ü The only thing better than singing is more singing--Ella Fitzgerald Ü

Denise Taylor,
Sep 6, 2014, 11:58 AM