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Here's a question for you: When is the BEST time to practice what you learned at rehearsal?

We have two new members: Nancy Nelson, MD (pediatrician) from City of Lakes Chorus in Minneapolis. She's a Lead and rides from Corvallis with Mary Cotton.  Brigid Zani joined this month, too! Brigid is a Bari, and friend of Susan Wiley. Congratulate them when you see them. We love our new members!  Woo-Hoo!!!

This week before rehearsal, Kathy and I will do a Rookie Orientation. Some of you may still have questions about your new membership, or even your seasoned membership. You might just want to sit in for some good dialog. All are all welcome. Let us know, please, if you plan to come at 5:30 on Tuesday Oct 7, in the ballroom at the Micah Building. Refreshments are planned. Here's a list of topics:

Musical Expectations
Performing / Contests
Coaching / Retreats
Membership Services
Secret Sisters
Q &A

The Christmas Show is confirmed for Friday night, December 5 at the Micah Building! Those who have been in Christmas Chorus before will be invited to join us again. Should be fun to put on a show in our new facility.

Be watching for Secret Sisters to begin soon. We will include our Christmas Chorus people and reveal at the Christmas Party on Dec. 16. This is such a fun way to honor each other. You don't have to spend a lot of money, just spend a few minutes thinking about your sister and sharing something with her often that will make her feel special.

Have you posted something on the new bulletin board yet? Be sure to check it when you come in to see if you have a message.

If you aren't getting emails from Sweet Adelines International, you might want to log in and check your personal profile. I noticed when I updated our list, there are a lot of missing email addresses. Also, if you changed your email since you joined, you may need to change your profile.

If you know anyone in the chorus who doesn't do Facebook or may not even have a computer for email, would you offer to be an email buddy and share info with her? We depend a lot on electronic communications, and it would be helpful if we knew that everyone would get the same messages.

Did you join Fred Meyers Reward program? It's easy and Oregon Spirit will benefit from our regular purchases. I know I spend a lot of money at Freddy's!

Keep cleaning out those jewelry boxes and tell your girlfriends, too! In January, we can have the best second-hand, gently- used table around!

ANSWER: The BEST time to practice what you learned at chorus on Tuesday, is EVERY day. Just a few minutes each day is all it takes to keep those details fresh in your mind. Vocalizing a little, listening to your recordings, reviewing the music, watching a video - any of these will help you learn and retain what was presented on Tuesday! Kathy's rehearsal plan is a great guide for us to prepare for the current week's work. We're on a mission--be part of the plan for excellence!

See You Tuesday!

Tammy Roberson

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