NOTES OF HARMONY - February 1, 2015

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We have four new members in our ranks Be sure to make these ladies feel welcome!


Tammy Lantis        Lead             29720 Jeans Rd #16, Veneta        503-871-0330

Sherry Anderson    Bass             1804 Settlers Springs, Salem        541-441-3276

Heidi Hazel            Tenor            198 Fern Ridge, Stayton                971-701-7446   

Paula Burgess        Lead             PO 5548, Salem                            503-390-8200 


From Region 12's AIM (Adventures in Music) in Sacramento:


Tori Postma was the presenter I saw the most. She is a ball of energy & so much fun! Here's what I attended:

Finding Your Next Song (Tori)- where to find arrangements, choosing a song that reflects your group's strong points, look for traps, is tessitura in best spot or our group?, avoid divorced chords (bari is above lead alot-harder to tune)

Wall (or Picket Fence) of Sound (Tori) - How to create vocal energy--body language, character moments that enhance a song. Choreo with ATTITUDE!

From, Point A to Point B (Julie Starr) -See that rising intervals rise high enough, and descending intervals do not go too low. P-tuning - identify the notes that must be tuned higher. Singing accurate intervals tunes every song better!

All About the Audience (Tori) - larger than life movements for huge auditorium, toned down for the nursing home!

Unity in All Things (Tori) - vocal production is the key, matching vowels and consonants, sing against do. Sing right notes, right words right rhythms, right intervals EVERY TIME!

Building Confidence for Performance  (Pam Johnson)-Learn the music, practice, deal with distractions, believe in you--others do! Don't just sing in the shower--PERFORM! Give it all you've got. Have Fun!!!


Intervals are the foundation of tuning. Make your intervals clear and accurate. Close is not good enough!

Mark DOH on your music and check yourself often--do you return accurately to DOH?

Characterization begins when your audience first SEES you (not when the song begins)

It's all about the eyes. The message you convey is mostly with your eyes.

If the song had sadness in the story, tell it like it happened a long time ago or as if it happened to someome else. Sad faces turn our sound down, make it harder to tune, and convey the wrong message to the audience.





Sweet Adelines International


For: Chapter Officers

Two options for making updates:

1. By chapter leader: Login to the Members Only section, click Chapter Activity/Reports >

Add/Transfer/Update Members, click your chapter name, your membership list will appear, click

on the pencil icon next to each member’s name to access their profile page where all updates can be


2. for members: Login to the Members Only section and click on the Update Your Info link from the

Members Only menu, this will bring you to your profile page where all updates can be made.

Direct link to Members Only login:

Make sure to click Update Member to save all changes.

Usernames and Passwords:

Each member can login by using their last name and first initial for their username (ex: Jane Smith =

smithj) and their member ID number for their password. Please be sure that all of your members are

aware of their login information. (Passwords may be changed on request by contacting the membership

department at International headquarters.)

Tracking Updates

To ensure that members have made updates before the February 13, 2015 deadline you will notice a

column in your membership list that indicates the date and time of when the last update was made to

that member’s profile page. Even if a member’s contact information is current – all member profile pages

must be reviewed before the deadline. Remind any members who have a date in this column before

January 2015 to review their profile and make updates. Members who show a date in this column before

January 2015 will be contacted by phone or email to ensure their contact information is accurate. Chapter

leaders will also be reminded of any outstanding updates that need to be made

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