NOTES OF HARMONY December 2014

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Here's a question for you:  What is the easiest way to grow a chorus with experienced singers who already understand the barbershop culture and who have a relationship with Oregon Spirit? Answer is below.....

What a great 2014 we've had at Oregon Spirit! New members, many, many guests, New member Orientation, five  Christmas performances, a wonderful Christmas Show at the Elks Club with a packed house, and Santa breakfast!

Many thanks to:
Kathy  Scheel for designing a great Christmas program and preparing us to share with our little world!
Lisa Fieber & Mary Cotton for their additional directing.
Elizabeth Keller for her thoughtful and funny MC work!
Elaine Rosenberg for great marketing
Judy Gobat for arranging good food for the Afterglow
Janice & Mike (Santa) Lacombe for getting us risers to stand on!
Diane Watson for her good work getting us the venues to perform and even some paid gigs!
Judy Dixon & Laurie LaBrasseur for chairing the hugely successful Raffle baskets and to the many donors within our own chorus. There was a lot of donating, and decorating going on in those beautiful baskets!
Lori Mc Ginty for a classy program
Lori Mc Ginty and her husband for making the sound system happen, even though they had to work and travel!
Darlene Manning who filmed us, even as she was recuperating from her knee surgery.
Margie Talley, who dealt with all the details, including a move of venue, who had a hip replacement in the middle of it all and still came to the show and even performed!
Kathy Schie for hauling decorations and making the stage and entry look inviting.
And to all of you who dealt with unnamed crises, difficulties, and scheduling snafus and still showed up to sing, looking beautiful!

A Giant thanks to the Elks Lodge #336 for the hundreds of details they had to deal with to make this show a possibility. They may have been pulling their hair, but they were cheerful and accommodating all along the way!
I've probably forgotten to thank someone, and for that I apologize. I hope, though, that it is apparent, it really does take a village to pull these events off. We make a great team, singing sisters!

Attached to this post is a photo of a pair of shoes found in the Elks Club dressing room. Check it out and let us know if you own them?

We're hitting the floor running in 2015 with 2 performances already scheduled and regular coaching sessions to prepare for competition(s)! I hope we are vowing to be prepared, to attend as many rehearsals as humanly possible, and to present the highest quality music we can in 2015.

It might be a good time to review the role of a Riser Buddy, so we all will know what is expected when we are asked to tackle this fun job. If you like to make new friends and encourage someone who may be feeling nervous about singing, this is the job for you!  

A Riser Buddy is responsible for helping a guest through all the steps to becoming a member.  A Riser Buddy will help with:

o       the sheet music (show her what line to follow)

o       taking her to section rehearsal

o       following up with a friendly email or phone call

o       helping find a place to sit together

o       introducing her to others in your section and other sections, too!

o       standing next to her on the risers

o       including her in everything – don’t leave her alone

o       being a friend

o      navigating the website - what can be found there???

               o      getting answers to the myriad of details in chorus life! Where does she put her things? Can she leave the risers to attend to personal needs? If she does, Kathy will invite her back up on the risers when the time is right. How does she know if chorus is cancelled for weather? Who does she call when she's going to be absent? Is she required to join within a certain time frame? How do auditions work? (FYI--The cost of the printed music is $10, but she should already know this by the time you meet her. We aren't sending music home on loan anymore). 

Remember your own first experiences in chorus: the questions you had, the insecurity of singing in public. You can help her prepare for her first performance, too. Just be a friend! Encourage her to relax and have fun! And when your buddy is introduced to the chorus, be the one to lead the applause!

Answer: The easiest way to grow a chorus with experienced singers, is to stay in touch with our Christmas Chorus ladies, who have not stayed after the holidays. If you are friends with any of them, please check in on them occasionally and invite them back. They just might decide to join. I speak from experience, you know!

Happy New Year!

Tammy Roberson
Denise Taylor,
Dec 28, 2014, 5:58 PM