posted Jan 3, 2018, 8:54 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jan 3, 2018, 8:54 AM by Denise Taylor ]
The Chorus Management Team (CMT) will use this page to keep our members informed on all non-musical issues:  membership, marketing, fundraisers, events, finances, communications, etc.; musical issues are addressed in Kathy's Korner.  We hope you will come here regularly for your news, keeping yourself updated on important information (with the added bonus of reducing the amount of time spent on verbal announcements at chorus rehearsals).  We welcome questions and comments here or via email.  Management Team members are shown in the Chorus Directory, as follows:

  1. Team Leader:  Elaine Rosenberg
  2. Secretary/Communications:  Bonnie Flatt
  3. Finance:  Sue deBit
  4. Membership:  Janet Owen
  5. Ways & Means:  Laurie Burk
  6. Events:  (open)
  7. Marketing:  (open, but currently being done by Diane Watson)
  8. Director:  Kathy Scheel
The CMT will soon be asking for a few people to serve on the Nominating Committee soon (3 people).  This committee will seek out people to serve on the next CMT, and will be approaching many of you to give you an opportunity to contribute to your chorus in an awesome way, to learn about the administration of OSC, to work in a team environment, and so much more.  Watch for more here on the CMT Information Station soon!  If you would like to help on the Nominating Committee, let Elaine Rosenberg know.  

We believe it would be helpful for you to have an overview of each of the jobs on the CMT, so we'll be reviewing them at chorus for the next few weeks.   This will be a great time to ask questions!