Membership Tidbits

posted Mar 12, 2014, 6:37 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 24, 2015, 2:21 PM by Denise Taylor ]
Hi everyone,.  We have Four gals going to Contest for the first time.  Lu Webster, Libby Stokes, Karlene Hancock, and Janet Owen. Don't ya just love to see contest from the eyes of newbies.??

We have some new ones but old time sweet Adelines who are great additions to OSC  ..  Suzanne Riles, Margie Talley, and Tammy Roberson.

It is always great to have new energy in the chorus.  Remember, first timers need extra help in figuring out things for contest.  Help with make up, and help with rides, and rooms and I know how great OSC is with taking care of our baby sisters, but just a friendly reminder to keep them under our wing this year.  

I wanted to mention there are two guests coming Thursday evening.  Some of us will be at CCTV, and so since Laurie Burk will be opening the doors,
she will watch for them, but those of you not singing can give a helping hand to them.  They are hoping to join,, they wanted to see us in action.... So please be on the look out for them..  The one saw another chorus perform, and they asked about something near Salem, and were directed to our webpage.   She loved the singing so much, she contacted us.  She use to love to sing, and now is ready to get back into it.

On a sadder note.. Our dear Kristin Bradshaw, Bari, will not be attending contest.  She is in college, as you may know, and of course, belongs to other singing groups, and is just busy being youthful.. She is saddened that she will be taking a leave of absence until sometime in August.

To let her know we are thinking of her, and that we she will be missed, you can message her on her Facebook.  Or you can email her at college..