Lori's Locutions

posted Jan 20, 2014, 5:54 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 24, 2015, 2:14 PM by Denise Taylor ]
What does "locution" mean?  "A word or expression characteristic of a region, group, or cultural level."  Doesn't that fit what we are?  A cultural group with a language all our own?  I mean, really, what the heck is a phnert...or fnert... or however you spell it?  A'capella singing is an incredible art form, but when you sing in the barbershop style, it's an AMAZING art form!  And we love to share this, don't we?  One way to do that is to bring as many people together in one place that you can and perform your hearts out!  And that's what we're gonna do on March 22.  Think about this...you will be sharing the stage with an International gold-medal winning quartet, Touche' !! How often does that happen to someone?!  We need to mass market, spread the word, gossip at the hairdressers, leave flyers at the grocery stores, and invite as many people as you can to this show.  The bling will be blinding!   
And you will be preparing yourself for contest at the end of April with the blinding lights, the excitement of performing and the face-cracking smiles that will radiate from the stage.  Are you ready??
Stay tuned for the Chairs to find you and get your help!