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When you joined Oregon Spirit Chorus, you brought your voice and your talents with you, and we are so very grateful that you are a part of the OSC family.  There are many places for you to utilize your current skills or learn new ones and we encourage everyone to find a way to help the chorus operate in some way.  Attached is the Skills List, a spreadsheet of the information you provided on your Application for Membership that is updated by Marian Martin each time a new member joins the chorus. 

From time to time, you may have a question about a project, but you may not be sure who is in charge of each one, so here is a list of the current chairs.  Everyone should have an OSC email address which is (example:   In the list below, if you see a _______, it means we need a volunteer.  

  • Facilities - Elks Setup: Janice LaCombe  
  • Competition Coordinator:  Norine Ask
  • Oregon Days:  ______
  • Advance:  Lynne Rice
  • AIM: _____
  • Annual Beach Trip:  Eileen Kemp
  • Installation & Awards Banquet:  ______
  • Website:  Elaine Rosenberg
  • Membership:  Janet Owen
  • Marketing:  Diane Watson
  • Social:  Judy Gobat
  • Sunshine (birthdays, family events):  Marian Martin
  • Secret Sisters:  _____
  • Member Directory:  Kathy Smith
  • Music Folders:  Darlene Manning
  • Valegrams:  Hayley Bault/Janice LaCombe/Elaine Rosenberg
  • Bottle & Can Drive:  Bonnie Flatt
  • Spring Flower Sales:  Laurie Burk
  • Scrip:  Janice LaCombe
  • Fred Meyer Rewards:  Janice LaCombe
  • Amazon Smile:  Janice LaCombe
  • Garage Sale: _____
  • Visual Team:  Elaine Rosenberg/Karlene Hancock
  • Rhythmic Warmups:  Judy Gobat, Sasanna Botieff
  • Costumes:  Linda O'Donnell/Cindy Meyers
  • Makeup:  Cat West
  • Coaching Coord:  Eileen Kemp
  • Performance Coord:  Diane Watson
  • Nominating Committee:  Norine Ask

Another resource for jobs is on the Member Directory, found under the Chorus Documents tab.  The Directory is updated each time a new member joins the chorus.

See attached Skills List.

Denise Taylor,
Feb 12, 2018, 9:03 PM