posted Jan 2, 2018, 10:38 PM by Kathy Scheel
There are just 3 groups formed at this time and we really need to have more groups to go out and sing on Valentine's Day in order for this awesome musical fundraiser to make the profit we seek.  It's a blast and you'll make memories that are poignant, hilarious, and everything in between!  Let Laurie Burk (and Kathy Scheel) know you group's name and the singers.  And remember, you can learn these simple songs in any part - so if you've got a lead, a baritone, and a bass, but no tenor - find someone else to learn tenor.  Easy-peasy! Or ask someone who is not currently a member of OSC.  Some of our Christmas Chorus guests would probably love to help us with this.  Get started soon, cuz it's February 14th.  

Here are the groups currently formed:

        T - Judy Gobat
        L - Marian Martin
        Br - Janice LaCombe
        Bs - Sue deBit

#2 - (unnamed)
        T - Cindy Meyers
        L - Sasanna Botieff
        Br - Linda O'Donnell
        Bs - Laurie Burk

        T - Sara Amato
        L - Amy Amato / Carina Leland
        Br - Denise Leland-Taylor
        Bs - Diane Watson

#4 -  ___________________?

#5 - ____________________?