July 13, 2019 - Drink Pink at Patton Valley Vineyard

posted Jul 1, 2019, 9:08 AM by Jackie Kearns   [ updated Jul 1, 2019, 9:13 AM ]

Event: Drink Pink – Patton Valley Vineyard


Date:  Saturday July 13, 2019


Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Warm-ups:  11:00 am


Location:  9449 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston, OR 97119


Directions:  There are several ways to get there so we will discuss this at our rehearsal and then carpool.  One possibility would be for us to meet at the Keizer Station and then take the River Road Route or go I-5 to Aurora.   The following is the River Road Route. 


Take OR 99 EBUS N/Salem Pkwy; I-5 N ramp to Portland; Take exit 263 toward Brooks;

Turn Left onto Brookdale Rd NE; Turn Right on River Road NE; Turn Left to stay on River Rd NE;

Turn Right to stay on OR 219 N; Turn Left onto E Hancock St/Pacific Hwy W (signs for 219/99W;

Turn Right onto OR 240/N Main St; Turn Right onto Ribbon Ridge Rd; Turn Left onto NE Flett Rd;

Turn Right onto OR 47 N; Turn Left onto SW Old Highway 47; Turn Right to stay on SW Old Hwy 47; Turn Left at the sign for Patton Valley Vineyard (an uphill gravel road)



Parking:  Their parking lot is small and will be reserved for handicapped parking only. There is a grassy area between the fencing surrounding the orchard and the gravel road leading up to the vineyard. We'll be parking diagonally on the grass. We'll be there early enough that we'll get decent parking spaces. They'll have parking attendants showing people where to park once it's closer to the time of the event starting.


Dress: White top, black pants and comfortable black shoes. Joann is putting together cute pink earrings and a pink flower pin to put on our shirts.


Makeup: Heavy street makeup, red lipstick, pretty hair. – you may want something that'll stand up to heat




  • Tenors: Judy G
  • Leads: Leah L, Tammy L, Lynne R
  • Baritones: Jackie K, Denise T
  • Basses: Janet O, Diane W



Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Happy Together

Sweet Dreams

Sister Act

Change the World

The Parting Glass



Special Information: 

Our job is to keep folks entertained while they wait in line to check in. So we'll be singing close to the entrance. We have been invited and encouraged to attend the party as soon as guests are done arriving. So, we don't have to keep singing through until 1:00 if there's no one left to sing to.


They'll have a couple of different vendors serving food, almost 30 wineries you can try and a band and another musician in different areas of the vineyard. The party goes until 4:00 pm, but we might just stay for an hour or if singers need to get back, they can leave when we’re done singing.


They do have an office that we can put our purses and personal items in so that we don't have to leave them in the cars.

I listed one way to get there from Salem in the directions, but we'll need to discuss carpooling to cut down on the number of cars. If anyone has a van, that would be fabulous for most of you coming from the Salem area.