posted Oct 18, 2017, 9:19 PM by OregonSpirit   [ updated Nov 14, 2017, 8:37 AM ]
We currently have five performances scheduled for December, and this page will be updated as we get additional information.

Dec. 5 - Tuesday, 12:00pm - CAPITOL ROTUNDA

Dec. 5 - Tuesday, 3:00pm - AVAMERE RETIREMENT CENTER

Dec. 10 - Sunday, 5:00pm - OREGON GARDENS

Dec. 12 - Tuesday, 7:30pm - HOLIDAY HARMONY SHOW

Dec. 19 - Wednesday, 7:00pm - MISSION MILL, DYE ROOM

The above times are PERFORMANCE times; we usually meet 30 minutes prior to performances to get organized and do quick cues.  Everyone will be expected to do vocal warmups enroute (sirens, bubbles, scales).  

COSTUMES:  Costumes for each performance will be your own lovely combinations of black and silver.  Please wear black slacks so there is a unified appearance (no skirts/dresses), and your tops can be any combo of black & silver, with black rhinestone or sequin embellishments, and silver or rhinestone jewelry.  Our Costume Co-Chairs, Cindy Meyers and Linda O'Donnell need to see everyone's outfit before our first performance, so plan on having your outfit complete and checked by them in November.  A great place to save money is at second-hand or thrift stores like Salvation Army or Goodwill.   If you have questions about what to wear, contact Cindy or Linda.  The one exception to the black/silver outfits will be when we perform at the Oregon Gardens, which is an outside venue.  We’ll wear colorful holiday clothes and scarves and warm coats! 

 MAKEUP: We wear what we call “heavy street makeup” which is basically a shade darker than your normal foundation, plus more cheek color, brown shades of eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrows, and red lipstick.  Cat West is our Makeup Chair and will make sure everyone looks lovely and unified for each performance so if she asks you to put on additional blush or lipstick, please know that it’s in the interest of presenting a group image to the public.  

  1. Jingle Bell Rock
  2. Let There be Peace on Earth
  3. Happy Holiday (new this year)
  4. Go, Tell it on the Mountain
  5. Carol of the Bells
  6. Winter Wonderland
  7. BankAmericard 
  8. Rise Up, Shepherd