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Christmas Show Committee Meeting 10/16

posted Oct 16, 2018, 11:48 AM by Norine Ask

Anyone interested in helping plan or at the Christmas Show, please attend our first Committee meeting at 5:45pm tonight.  We have a job for everyone who wants one (and probably more).  Thanks - N&K.


posted Oct 9, 2018, 2:16 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Nov 9, 2018, 11:31 AM ]

This page will be updated, so check back here frequently for the latest information.

  • Tuesday, December 4
  • Chemeketa Community College Auditorium (Building 6)
  • Showtime:  7:00-9:00 pm
  • Arrival time:  5:00 pm  (warmups, cues, final dressing)
    • Detailed schedule will be sent via email
  • Makeup:  Heavy street makeup, with chorus red lipstick
  • Costumes:  Black & silver combinations
  • Tickets:  General Admission $15,  Seniors/Students/Veterans $10, children under 5: Free
    • MC:  Gary Raze
    • Oregon Spirit - Christmas Chorus
    • Oregon SenateAires Chorus
    • Serenade, Willamette GirlChoir
    • Valley Girls Quartet
    • Snow Belles Octet
    • Eileen Kemp, storyteller
    • possible men's quartet (to be confirmed)
    • Co-Chairs:  Karen Wildman & Norine Ask
    • Tickets Sales:  Eileen Kemp
    • Tickets Table:  Leah Law
    • Marketing:  Diane Watson
    • Program Design: Carilyn Ellis
    • Program Ads:   Judy Dixon and Karen Wildman
    • Decorations: Toni Roush
    • Performers Contact:  Kathy Scheel
    • Performer Hostess: ______
    • Stage Manager: _______
    • Sound: Chemeketa tech
    • Lighting: Chemeketa tech
    • Greeters:  Judy Gobat

    • Facility Setup:  Janice LaCombe
    • Fundraisers:
      • Christmas Envelope Tree - Judy Dixon
      • Quilt Raffle - Linda O'Donnell
      • Cookies:  Judy Gobat
    • Videographer: Carina Leland 
    • Photographer:  _______(tbd)
    • Cleanup: ______
  • Santa Claus:  Michael LaCombe
  • Master of Ceremonies:  Gary Raze
  • Curtain Puller:  Keith Wildman

  • Oregon Spirit Chorus
    • Happy Holiday
    • Peace on Earth
    • BankAmericard
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Go, Tell it on the Mountain
  • Men's Quartet
    • 2 songs
  • Serenade (group from Willamette GirlChoir)
    • 3 songs
  • Eileen Kemp - December 24 storytelling
  • Santa Claus visit
  • Valley Girls (quartet) 
    • Santa Clause is Coming to Town
    • Time for Joy
INTERMISSION - 20 minutes for audience to "shop" in the lobby
  • Oregon Spirit Chorus
    • Mary, Did You Know
    • Doggy Tag (audience participation)
    • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Elaine Rosenberg
    • Announce winners /announcements
  • Kathy Scheel
    • Audience "round" - with help from OSC
  • Snow Belles (octet)
    • Rise Up, Shepherd
  • Gary Raze
    • The Night Before Christmas
  • Oregon SenateAires
    • 5 songs
  • Finale - Men/Women together
    • Joy to the World
    • Oh, Holy Night
  • Curtain call
    • All performers called back onstage to sing (with audience) "We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
When the show is over, we will quickly go out to the lobby to greet people as they come out the doors and thank them for coming.


posted Sep 28, 2018, 10:09 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Nov 2, 2018, 1:04 PM ]

Thanks to Diane Watson, Performance Coordinator, for her diligence in getting us so many terrific performing opportunities this season!  Give her a big hug the next time you see her!  


Costumes for most performances will be your own lovely combinations of black and silver.  Please wear black slacks so there is a unified appearance (no skirts/dresses), and your tops can be any combo of black & silver, with black rhinestone or sequin embellishments, and silver or rhinestone jewelry.  Our Costume Co-Chairs, Cindy Meyers and Linda O’Donnell would like to see your outfit before our first performance, so bring your outfit to show them in November.  A great way to save money is to get your outfit at a second-hand or thrift store (Salvation Army or Goodwill).   The one exception to the black/silver outfits will be when we perform at the Oregon Garden, which is an outside venue.  We’ll wear colorful holiday clothes and scarves and warm coats! 


Whenever we perform for the public, we wear what we call “heavy street makeup” which is basically a shade darker than your normal foundation, plus more cheek color, brown shades of eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrows, and red lipstick.  We want everyone to look lovely and unified so if you’re asked to put on additional blush or lipstick, please know that it’s in the interest of presenting a cohesive group image to the public. 

Here is a list of performances lined up for December.  Watch this page for more details.
  1. Dec 4 (Tuesday), Holiday Harmony Show, 7:00-9:00 at Chemeketa Auditorium (Bldg 6).  See separate Performance Central article for more details on this show.  Chorus will arrive between 5:00-5:30 for warmups, run-through, and final prep.  Some committees (decorations, fundraisers) will be onsite earlier in the day to set up the lobby.  If you are available, please volunteer to help by contacting co-chairs Karen Wildman or Norine Ask.  Many hands make light work, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the evening and sing your very best.  We'll wear black & silver combinations for this show.  
  2. Dec 9 (Sunday), Oregon Garden, 5:00-7:00, strolling through the amazing Christmas light display, so we'll wear colorful and warm clothing!  We'll gather for quick warmups and roll call at 4:30. 
  3. Dec 11 (Tuesday), Capitol Rotunda, 12:00-12:30.  We'll wear black & silver and will gather at 11:30 for warmups.  Tell your friends who work downtown to come and see us sing.  Then we'll head out to Dallas for the next gig.
  4. Dec 11 (Tuesday), Retirement Center, Dallas, 2:30-3:00.  These retirement centers are always a highlight of the season, when we bring music and happiness to the residents.  It's fun to see them singing along with us, then visiting with them afterwards is always so heartwarming.
  5. Dec 16 (Sunday), SenateAires Christmas Show, 3:00-5:00.  We will gather at 2:00 for warmups and final prep, and will sing a 15-minute set, including the two songs with the men.  Of course, we should plan to stay for their traditional afterglow and will plan to sing another few songs for them there, and get better acquainted with our brothers-in-harmony.  
  6. Dec 18 (Tuesday), Veteran's Home-Lebanon, 3:00-3:30.  We'll gather at 2:30 for warmups and roll call, and will do a 25-minute set.  Probably will do something  after this gig, since we're all together and lookin' pretty, so stay tuned!
    • We will return to the Elks for our annual chorus Christmas party.

Note:  You may notice that there are two dates that are no longer listed above:  Dec 2 and Dec 19.  We are not going to be performing on either of those dates as a chorus.


We thank our guests for coming to sing with us this season and hope you enjoyed it, too. Please consider joining OSC full-time in January as we embark on yet another exciting year ahead.

Volcano's Stadium - August 21st

posted Jul 26, 2018, 10:17 AM by Diane Watson   [ updated Aug 15, 2018, 10:10 AM ]

Date:  Tuesday, August 21stat 6:29 p.m.


Arrival and Warm-up:  5:30 p.m.(Gates Open) Go to will-call booth to get your ticket to get into the stadium.  Tell them you're with the Oregon Spirit Chorus.


Special Instructions:   We can warm up in the area past 1st base at 5:30 pm.  At 6:10 pm we are to be on the  field.  We will go down the ramp just past the 1stbase dugout and gather there no later than 6:10.  We will sing at 6:29 and the game begins at 6:35.  After we sing we will return to the Elks because this is a rehearsal night.


Directions: From I-5 take Keizer exit 260 and turn west on Chemawa Rd; Then turn rt. on Keizer Station Blvd and follow it past Target and continue till you see the large parking lot and stadium on your left.  Address: 6700 Field of Dreams Way NE.


Parking: In the large lot, carpooling is advised.


Dress: Red vests, with white shirts (3/4 length sleeves) and black pants. Comfy black shoes.   Crystal earrings and a necklace that is red, white or blue. Pretty Hair and heavy street make-up.


Song: National Anthem




Tenors:  Patrice, Cindy

Leads:  JoAnn, Elaine, Cat, Bonnie, Marla, Toni

Baritones:  Karlene, Leah, Karen, Carilyn, Linda, Denise

Basses: Judy D.  Eileen, Janet, Diane, Karen

Flag Day Performance

posted Jun 10, 2018, 3:29 PM by Diane Watson   [ updated Jun 12, 2018, 11:37 AM by Kathy Scheel ]

Date:        Thursday, June 14th


Where:    Salem Elks Lodge


TIME:       Warmup: Individually on the way, rehearse thru songs on your own, meet at 6:00 to go thru songs

                 Perform:  6:30, will leave immediately afterwards

WEAR:    Red & black outfits and jewelry

                Pretty hair and makeup (red lips, extra cheeks, eyebrows) 

SONGS:  Peace on Earth

                Star-Spangled Banner


SINGER:  Tenors:  Judy, Patrice, Sara

Leads:  Amy, Bonnie, Cindy, JoAnn, Lynne

Baris:  Karlene, Leah, Denise, Darlene

Basses:  Laurie, JudyD, Karen, Eileen, Diane



posted May 18, 2018, 1:07 PM by Diane Watson   [ updated Jul 3, 2018, 9:28 PM by Kathy Scheel ]


Where:  Macleay Conference and Retreat Center

               2887 74thAve. SE

               Salem, OR


Warm Ups: 6:30 p.m. – Children’s Playroom

Performance 7:30 p.m.



Directions:  From I-5 take exit 253 for OR 22/99E toward Detroit Lake/Bend.  Turn onto OR-22E Mission St. SE toward Detroit Lake. Take Exit 4 toward Gaffin Rd. (where you turn for the dump).  Continue on Deer Park Dr. SE. ;  turn right onto Culver Dr. SE;  Culver Dr. SE turns slightly left and becomes Ganon St.; turn left onto Gale St. SE; turn left onto 74thAve. SE.  Destination is on the left – a big conference center.  GPS – works well!


Carpool:  There appears to be a lot of parking in front and back of the building but there will be a big crowd.  Bring OSC business cards.


Dress:  Black pants, red vest, black shirt; rhinestone necklace and earrings; heavy street makeup (red lipstick!), pretty hair.

Performance Package: 

  6. DOGGY tag


SingersTenors:  Judy G, Patrice S

                 Leads:  Cindy, JoAnn, Lynne, Elaine, Toni, Smitty, Cat 

                 Baritones:  Karlene, Leah, Denise, Karen 

                 Basses:  Norine, Hayley  Laurie, Karen, Judy D, Eileen, Diane 










posted Apr 18, 2018, 12:42 AM by Kathy Scheel

Here is the plan for Tuesday, April 24th.  Be sure to warm up your voices on the way to rehearsal so we can maximize our time on the risers before our guests arrive.  

  • 5:00 - Room setup, decorate the lobby a bit, set up snacks and water, chairs, donation baskets.
  • 6:00 - Rehearsal, run cues on all songs, focused work with no interruptions
  • 7:15 - Doors open, greet people, hand out programs, visit.
  • 7:30 - Show starts, MC introduces us, we go to the risers directly from the audience (not lining up)
    • After we sing the first set, you can go to the back of the room to watch the other performers.
    • When we enter for the contest set, we will line up as we rehearsed tonight, so gather when Up to Something quartet goes up to perform
  • 8:30 - Afterglow
      • Someone turn out the lights to prepare for next song
      • Row 1 steps forward, Row 2 walks out, Row 3 comes down to floor, etc.
  • HAPPY HOUR Quartet
    • Cookies, beverages, donation basket, Elizabeth teach a tag
    • Get lined up for contest set in the back of the room
    • Who's Sorry Now
    • All the Things You Are
    • Tags, beverages, visiting
    • OSC can sing Somebody to Love (informally)
Wear the undergarment and leggings, but carry your tunic and put it on after we rehearse because it may wrinkle if you sit on it in the car.  
    • Slimming/smoothing undergarment - long-line is best, available at Walmart and other stores.
    • Black leggings
    • Black/aqua tunic
    • Teal earrings
    • Black chorus shoes (no hose, but can wear nude footies)
    • Karlene will bring the glow sticks and hand them out 
    Put makeup on BEFORE you arrive, as there will be no time to do it after arrival.
    • Heavy street makeup - Founding that is 1-2 shades darker than your regular 
    • Rouge - blended so you don't look like a clown
    • Brown eyeshadows - blended
    • Eyebrows lined
    • Mascara - or you can wear lashes if you have time before arriving (no time after you get there)
    • Red lipstick
    • Hair in a nice style that is away from the face


    posted Feb 7, 2018, 8:34 PM by Diane Watson   [ updated Feb 7, 2018, 8:46 PM ]

    Date:  Feb. 14th

    Time:  7:45 p.m.  (10 minutes)

    Arrive:  7:30 p.m. (Warm-up in Car)

    Place:  303 Main St., Independence  (This is the Masonic Center next to the books store.)  This is right by the three way stop in Independence.  You will need to find street parking.

    Directions:  Take the Marion Street Bridge to OR22/Salem Dallas Highway NW; Turn Left onto OR-51/Independence Highway and continue for about 6 miles.  You will end up at Independence and Main St.

    Dress:  Black Slacks, Red Tops, Black shoes - Boa (if you have one).

    Make-up:  Heavy Street Make-up;  Pretty Hair

    Songs:  Happy Together

                   I Love You Truly

                   Now I Know Why

                   Let Me Call You Sweetheart

                   Quartet – one song

                   (Order to be determined)



    Tenors:  Sara Amato, Judy Gobat

    Leads:  Amy Amato, Susanna Botieff, Cindy Meyers

    Baritones:  Janice Lacombe, Leah Law, Linda O’Donnell

    Basses:  Laurie Burk,  Sue Debit, Diane Watson

    MC.  Susanna Botieff


    Mercy House International

    posted Jan 17, 2018, 3:22 PM by Diane Watson   [ updated Feb 2, 2018, 12:38 PM ]

    Performance Time:  7:00 - 715 p.m. Family Center (two buildings in back of church)

    Warm up:   Vocalize your voices on the way there (bubbles, sirens).  Meet at 6:25 p.m. at the Family Center (drop off purse to be locked in closet) and be escorted to the Chapel on the back side of Hope Sanctuary (Assembly of God)

    Directions: Take I-5 South to Albany, to Exit 233.  Turn left on US 20 W, Santiam Highway S.E. (toward Albany).  Destination is on the right.  Address is:  2817 Santiam Highway S.E., Albany (you will see a large church – Hope Assembly of God.)

    Parking:  Park in church lot.

    Carpool:  If possible

    Wear: Black leggings, red vest, black shirt, chorus shoes (with bare ankles); rhinestone necklace and ear rings; heavy street make-up (red lipstick!), pretty hair. (Same outfit as A'cappella Spirit)

     Songs:  The songs will be finalized soon, but we'll do 6-7 songs from this list to fill the 15-minute slot.

    1. Happy Together
    2. All the Things You Are
    3. And So it Goes
    4. Can't Buy Me Love
    5. All the Way
    6. Peace on Earth
    7.  Somebody to Love


    Tenors: Sara Amato, Judy Gobat, Kathi Mitts, Patrice Sneberger

    Leads: Amy Amato, Susanna Botieff, Cindy Meyers, JoAnn Perry, Lynne Rice, Eiaine Rosenberg, Toni Roush, Kathy Smith, Cat West

    Baritones: Karlene Hancock, Janice Lacombe, Darlene Manning, Linda O’Donnell, Denise Taylor

    Basses: Norine Ask, Laurie Burk, Sue DeBit, Karen DeSanno, Janet Owen, Diane Watson

    Afterglow:  Applebee's, 1525 SE Geary St, Albany  (This is just a few blocks away)

        Directions:  From the Hope Church, go west on Santiam Hwy toward Queen Anne Pl. SE (.07 miles); Turn left onto Waverly Dr. SE and go .47 miles;  Turn right onto Queen Ave. SE and go .50 miles and turn right onto Geary St. SE; Then .18 miles and you have arrived!


    Any questions, contact Diane Watson (diane.watson@oregonspirit.org)


    posted Jan 2, 2018, 10:38 PM by Kathy Scheel

    There are just 3 groups formed at this time and we really need to have more groups to go out and sing on Valentine's Day in order for this awesome musical fundraiser to make the profit we seek.  It's a blast and you'll make memories that are poignant, hilarious, and everything in between!  Let Laurie Burk (and Kathy Scheel) know you group's name and the singers.  And remember, you can learn these simple songs in any part - so if you've got a lead, a baritone, and a bass, but no tenor - find someone else to learn tenor.  Easy-peasy! Or ask someone who is not currently a member of OSC.  Some of our Christmas Chorus guests would probably love to help us with this.  Get started soon, cuz it's February 14th.  

    Here are the groups currently formed:

            T - Judy Gobat
            L - Marian Martin
            Br - Janice LaCombe
            Bs - Sue deBit

    #2 - (unnamed)
            T - Cindy Meyers
            L - Sasanna Botieff
            Br - Linda O'Donnell
            Bs - Laurie Burk

            T - Sara Amato
            L - Amy Amato / Carina Leland
            Br - Denise Leland-Taylor
            Bs - Diane Watson

    #4 -  ___________________?

    #5 - ____________________?

    GO FOR IT!!

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