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July 13, 2019 - Drink Pink at Patton Valley Vineyard

posted Jul 1, 2019, 9:08 AM by Jackie Kearns   [ updated Jul 1, 2019, 9:13 AM ]

Event: Drink Pink – Patton Valley Vineyard


Date:  Saturday July 13, 2019


Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Warm-ups:  11:00 am


Location:  9449 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston, OR 97119


Directions:  There are several ways to get there so we will discuss this at our rehearsal and then carpool.  One possibility would be for us to meet at the Keizer Station and then take the River Road Route or go I-5 to Aurora.   The following is the River Road Route. 


Take OR 99 EBUS N/Salem Pkwy; I-5 N ramp to Portland; Take exit 263 toward Brooks;

Turn Left onto Brookdale Rd NE; Turn Right on River Road NE; Turn Left to stay on River Rd NE;

Turn Right to stay on OR 219 N; Turn Left onto E Hancock St/Pacific Hwy W (signs for 219/99W;

Turn Right onto OR 240/N Main St; Turn Right onto Ribbon Ridge Rd; Turn Left onto NE Flett Rd;

Turn Right onto OR 47 N; Turn Left onto SW Old Highway 47; Turn Right to stay on SW Old Hwy 47; Turn Left at the sign for Patton Valley Vineyard (an uphill gravel road)



Parking:  Their parking lot is small and will be reserved for handicapped parking only. There is a grassy area between the fencing surrounding the orchard and the gravel road leading up to the vineyard. We'll be parking diagonally on the grass. We'll be there early enough that we'll get decent parking spaces. They'll have parking attendants showing people where to park once it's closer to the time of the event starting.


Dress: White top, black pants and comfortable black shoes. Joann is putting together cute pink earrings and a pink flower pin to put on our shirts.


Makeup: Heavy street makeup, red lipstick, pretty hair. – you may want something that'll stand up to heat




  • Tenors: Judy G
  • Leads: Leah L, Tammy L, Lynne R
  • Baritones: Jackie K, Denise T
  • Basses: Janet O, Diane W



Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Happy Together

Sweet Dreams

Sister Act

Change the World

The Parting Glass



Special Information: 

Our job is to keep folks entertained while they wait in line to check in. So we'll be singing close to the entrance. We have been invited and encouraged to attend the party as soon as guests are done arriving. So, we don't have to keep singing through until 1:00 if there's no one left to sing to.


They'll have a couple of different vendors serving food, almost 30 wineries you can try and a band and another musician in different areas of the vineyard. The party goes until 4:00 pm, but we might just stay for an hour or if singers need to get back, they can leave when we’re done singing.


They do have an office that we can put our purses and personal items in so that we don't have to leave them in the cars.

I listed one way to get there from Salem in the directions, but we'll need to discuss carpooling to cut down on the number of cars. If anyone has a van, that would be fabulous for most of you coming from the Salem area.

MAY 18 - Willamette GirlChoir - Pops Concert

posted Apr 29, 2019, 12:20 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated May 14, 2019, 11:22 AM ]

OSC has been invited to perform on the Willamette GirlChoir's annual Pops Concert on Saturday, May 18.   

LOCATION:  Parrish Middle School, 802 Capitol Street NE, Salem. Google or Mapquest for directions.  Parking is on the south side of the school; we will enter on the D Street side where the auditorium is.  We will be directed to the place where we'll rehearse.  Carpool if possible.

ARRIVAL TIME:  1:00pm  

SHOW TIME:   3:00pm

  1. Happy Together - with choreography
  2. And So it Goes 
  3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - with choreography
  4. Sweet Dreams  - with lights out and glowing gloves
  5. After I'm Gone - with all props
  6. Harmonize the World - with all the girls of WGC

COSTUME:   Contest costumes (black tunics w/blue & silver bling, leggings, earrings, etc.)

MAKEUP:  Heavy street makeup 

BRING:  Water, snacks, mirrors, extra makeup for touch-ups, comfy shoes, and all the props and stuff

-  Pizza boxes
-  Beer cans
-  Dog
-  Lighted gloves (for Sweet Dreams)
-  Pink panties (Linda ?)
-  Fascinator hats (Linda ?)

 Sara Amy Hayley Laurie
 Judy G Tammy Karlene Karen D
 Cindy Leah Janice Judy D
  JoAnn Denise Eileen
  Lynne  Jenn
  Elaine  Diane
  Pam  Barb

  • We will rehearse with the girls at 2:00 on the stage. 
  • Come as ready as possible, wearing leggings, supportive undergarments, and have your makeup and hair already done.  Do NOT wait until you get there to do this.  We will need to stay focused on our performance; this is an awesome opportunity to show the girls where they can come and sing after they graduate out of WGC.  
  • OSC will have a table set up in the lobby to share information about OSC.  There will be our lovely tri-fold display, business cards, and a nice sign-up sheet for interested ladies to indicate their interest in learning more about OSC and coming to visit our chorus.  If you know an energetic lady who would be able/willing to watch over this table and tell people enthusiastically about our chorus (maybe a former member? a daughter or granddaughter?), be sure to tell our Marketing Coordinator, Diane Watson.  
  • If you are going to be arriving after 1:00, be sure to tell Kathy Scheel.
  • Doors open at 2:00 for the Raffle/Silent Auction, then at 2:40 for the concert.
  • Invite your families and friends to come and enjoy this delightful concert presented by girls of all ages.  Cost is just $5 or $20 for a household.
  • The show is over at 5:00 and we may go out for pizza afterwards.  Stay tuned.
  • Here is the lineup for the show:
    • WGC - all girls
      • Skye Boat Song (from Outlander)
    • Sonnet - youngest girls
      • I See the Moon
      • Part of Your World
      • I'm Walkin' on Sunshine
    • Serenade - middle age girls
      • Tuimbe (Let There Be Music)
      • Don't Worry, Be Happy
      • We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions
    • Epic - older girls
      • Will There Really Be a Morning?
      • True Colors
      • Listen to Your Heart
      • 5 SONGS noted above
    • Combined chorus (girls will join OSC on risers)
      • Harmonize the World


Oregon Trail Pitchpipers – Memories from Back in the Day

posted Jan 20, 2019, 5:37 PM by Diane Watson   [ updated Feb 1, 2019, 11:53 PM by Kathy Scheel ]

Date:  Saturday, February 16, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.


Warm-ups:   1:30 p.m. – Choir Room. We will have mic testing about 2:00 so arrive by 1:30.


Location:  Richard R. Brown Fine Arts Center – 950 S.W. Fifth Ave, Canby, Oregon


Directions:   When coming into Canby via Hwy 99, take the first right turn after the light at the top of the hill entering Canby (just past the entrance to Safeway).  The high school is just 1-2 blocks from the turnoff.


Parking:  Park in back of the high school and enter double doors to the back of the theater (towards the right of the building).


Dress: Last year's contest costume - bejeweled black/aqua/gold top, leggings, chorus shoes, black opaque socks, and matching square/rhinestone earrings. 


Makeup:  Very heavy street makeup, so we will look good under the lights!  Red lipstick. False eyelashes are optional, but wear all-in-ones for a smooth costume.


Afterglow:  Canby Adult Center, 1250 S Ivy St, Canby, 5:30 pm; There will be pizza, salad, coffee water for $5.00 per person.  This is not for the general audience, it's for the singers and their family and/or guests.  It will be lots of fun with singing, tags and getting to know the members of the Oregon Trail Pitchpipers.



  • Tenors:  Sara, Judy, Cindy
  • Leads:  Amy, Diane C., JoAnn, Smitty, Elaine, Toni, Pam
  • Baritones:  Karlene, Janice, Elaine, Linda, Denise, Karen, Hayley
  • Basses:   Laurie, Marilyn, Tammy, Eileen, Janet, Diane, Barb


Songs - performance package attached at the bottom of this post.
  1. Happy Together
  2. All the Things You Are
  3. Go Tell it on the Mountain
  4. Sister Act (OCTET)
  5. Sweet Dreams
  6. Peace on Earth
  7. And So it Goes
  8. I'll Be Seeing You
  9. After I'm Gone
  10. Fun in Just One Lifetime



Veterans Home Performance - Lebanon

posted Dec 16, 2018, 8:33 PM by Diane Watson

Lebanon Veterans Performance


Date:  DECEMBER 18th  (3:00 pm Program)


Place:  Oregon Veterans Home – 600 N 5thSt. - Lebanon


Arrival/Warm up:Arrive by 2:30 pm.Warm up priorto arrival.


Room:  Large conference room to your left, across from the information desk.


Car-pooling: Please car-pool if possible (parking is limited)


Directions: Take I-5 Southand follow I-5 to Exit 233.    Take Exit 233 toward Lebanon/Sweet Home.  Merge onto Hwy 20E/Santiam Hwy SE(go 11.2 miles);  Turn rightonto Reeves Pkwy(go .2 miles), Turn leftonto N 5thSt. – Destination will be on right (600 N 5thSt.)


Parking:  Is limited in front of the Veterans Home. If you have difficulty walking, then car pool and have your friends drop you off at the door.  Most of us will need to park on the street or across the street.  There is the Samaritan Lebanon Health Center and a Central Willamette Credit Union. We can use the gravel parking lot behind the Credit Union.  You get to it by going to the end of the parking area between the Samaritan Lebanon Health Center and Central Willamette Credit union and you can then then turn into it on your right.  It will be a little walk.


Dress:  Black and silver tops, black slacks, black shoes, silver earrings


Make-up:  Heavy Street Make-up, red lipstick, pretty hair


Other:  Please not there are several different ways to get to Lebanon depending on where you live.  Please allow  ample time to get there and get parked.  For example from Keizer Station, they estimate 43 minutes.



Happy Holiday

Peace on Earth

Jingle Bell Rock


Go, Tell it on the Mountain

Valley Girls Quartet

Doggy Tag

Round (audience)

Winter Wonderland

Mary Did you Know


** Song line up is subject to some changes, Kathy will advise.


Oregon SenateAires - Home for the Holidays Performance

posted Dec 12, 2018, 5:25 PM by Diane Watson

Date:  DECEMBER 16th (3:00 pm)


Place:  4090 Commercial St. SE, Salem – Scottish Rite Center


Arrival/Warm up: Arrive by 1:30 pm. Warm up prior to arrival.


Room:   SenateAires will direct us to our room.


Mic Test:   1:45 pm SenateAires & Oregon Spirit joint sound check

                  2:00 pm Oregon Spirit Chorus sound check


Car-pooling:  Please car-pool if possible.


Parking:  There is a large lot around the Scottish Rite Center, but again car-pooling is recommended as guests will need to park there too.  


Dress:  Black and silver tops, black slacks, black shoes, silver earrings


Make-up:  Heavy street make-up, red lipstick, pretty hair


Other:  There is an Afterglow at LOS ARCOs restaurant starting around 6:00 p.m.  Address:  4120 Commercial St. SE. Salem



Winter Wonderland

Peace on Earth


Go Tell it on the Mountains

Joy to the World

O’Holy Night 

December 11th Performances - Capitol Rotunda & Dallas Retirement Assisted Living

posted Dec 9, 2018, 9:24 PM by Diane Watson

1.Capitol Rotunda 


DATE:  DECEMBER 11th (12:00 p.m.)


Place:  Capitol Rotunda:  9000 Court St. NE


Warm up: 11:15 AM  (please meet behind the information desk and I will have a room for us to assemble and warm-up)


Parking:  Park around the Capitol.  I plan to park on State Street.  You will need a credit card for the parking meters.  Car-pooling is recommended


Dress:  Black and silver tops, black slacks, black shoes, silver earrings


Make-up:  Heavy Street Make-up, red lipstick, pretty hair


Other:  You will need to pick up a quick lunch  as you will need to be at the Dallas Retirement by 2:00 p.m.  So be thinking about where you will want to eat.  It takes about 30 minutes to drive to Dallas from the Marion Street Bridge.



Happy Holiday

Peace on Earth

Jingle Bell Rock


Go, Tell it on the Mountain

Snow Bells Octet 

Winter Wonderland

Mary Did You Know

Rounds (2)

2.Dallas Retirement Village – Assisted Living


Date:  Dec. 11th


Time:  2:30 pm


Warm-up:  2:00 pm (Living Room – behind the fireplace and big tree in Assisted Living).


Parking:  In front of Assisted Living Home or you can park on the Street, on Tilgner.


Directions:  From Marion St. Bridge – Head west on OR22W, Use the left 2 lanes to turn slightly left to stay on OR 22W for the next 9.7 miles.  Turn Slight left onto OR 223 S (Pass by NAPA auto Parts – Dallas Auto Parts on the left in 4.0 miles);  Continue straight onto W. Ellendale Ave and go approximately 0.5 mile; Turn right onto NW Hillcrest Dr and go 0.2 miles; Turn right onto NW Brentwood Ave.  Destination will be on the left.  Address: 377 Northwest Jasper Street, Dallas,OR. 


Dress/Make-up:  Same as for Capitol



Happy Holiday

Peace on Earth

Jingle Bell Rock


Doggy Tag,

Round (audience)

Sing along

Go, Tell it on the Mountain

Winter Wonderland,

Mary Did You Know


*** When we have finished performing you will have time to go shopping, go out to dinner, run home, but remember we have rehearsal at 6:30 p.m.  Also, for those on the Membership Team, there is a meeting at 5:00 p.m.









Oregon Garden Performance

posted Dec 5, 2018, 6:47 PM by Diane Watson   [ updated Dec 8, 2018, 11:51 AM ]

DATE:  DECEMBER 9TH 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.


Place:  Oregon Garden – Meet at the Resort Lobby (top of the hill)


Address: 879 W. Main St. Silverton


Warm up: 4:30 p.m.  (You will need to allow for a possible line getting through the gate and time to find parking)  Please warm-up on the way.


Place:  Meet at the Resort lobby (top of the hill). Last year we warmed up outside and sang to the guests!


Parking:  Parking is limited so carpool if possible. When you enter, please let the attendant know that you are performing with the Oregon Spirit Chorus and you will not have to pay for parking.  You may park in front of the resort or at one of the lots down the hill.  If the lot is full there are several shuttle stops down the hill and can be found by following the link below: directions


Dress: Wear bright colors, scarves, and warm cloths – we are singing outside for the full 2 hours.


Make-up:  Heavy Street Make-up




Tenors: Sara, Judy G, Cindy, Patrice, 

Leads: Amy, JoAnn, Toni, Smitty, Cat, Paula, Sharon, KathyS

Baritone: Carilyn, Karlene, Janice, Leah, Linda, Angela

Basses: Norine, Laurie, Marilyn, Karen D., Judy D, Eileen, Janet, Diane



Happy Holiday

Peace on Earth

Jingle Bell Rock


Go, Tell it on the Mountain

Winter Wonderland

Mary Did you Know

Snow Bell Octet

Doggy Tag




Directions to Chemeketa Auditorium 6

posted Dec 1, 2018, 6:12 PM by Diane Watson

If you're coming from I-5 and taking the Market Street Exit, turn East and follow Market St. to Lancaster Dr., Turn left on Lancaster and follow it to Chemeketa (you will pass Silverton Rd.). You want to continue to the main entrance to Chemeketa on Cooley Dr.  (Do not turn at the Winema Center which comes first).  Turn right onto Cooley Dr. then turn right, on South Campus Loop. Then turn left  onto Fire Protection Way (first left) and follow Fire Protection Way (Past Sand Volleyball & Tennis Courts) till you come to East Campus Loop.  Turn left on East Campus loop and follow it to Building 6 (Auditorium).  Park in the Purple lot.  You have arrived!


Attached is a campus map.

Christmas Show Committee Meeting 10/16

posted Oct 16, 2018, 11:48 AM by Norine Ask

Anyone interested in helping plan or at the Christmas Show, please attend our first Committee meeting at 5:45pm tonight.  We have a job for everyone who wants one (and probably more).  Thanks - N&K.


posted Oct 9, 2018, 2:16 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Nov 24, 2018, 12:07 PM ]

This page will be updated, so check back here frequently for the latest information.

  • Tuesday, December 4
  • Chemeketa Community College Auditorium (Building 6)
  • Showtime:  7:00-9:00 pm
  • Arrival time:  5:00 pm
    • Detailed schedule is attached at the bottom of this post
  • Makeup:  Heavy street makeup, with chorus red lipstick
  • Costumes:  Black & silver combinations
  • Tickets:  General Admission $15,  Seniors/Students/Veterans $10, children under 5: Free
    • MC:  Gary Raze
    • Oregon Spirit - Christmas Chorus
    • Oregon SenateAires Chorus
    • Serenade, Willamette GirlChoir
    • Valley Girls Quartet
    • Snow Belles Octet
    • Eileen Kemp, storyteller
    • Local Boyz quartet
    • Co-Chairs:  Karen Wildman & Norine Ask
    • Tickets Sales:  Eileen Kemp
    • Tickets Table:  Leah Law
    • Marketing:  Diane Watson
    • Program Design: Carilyn Ellis
    • Program Ads:   Judy Dixon and Karen Wildman
    • Decorations: Toni Roush, Linda O'Donnell
    • Performers Contact:  Kathy Scheel
    • Greeters:  Judy Gobat
    • Facility Setup:  Janice LaCombe
    • Fundraisers:
      • Christmas Envelope Tree - Karen Wildman/Judy Dixon
      • Quilt Raffle - Linda O'Donnell
      • Cookies:  Judy Gobat
      • Membership - Janice LaCombe
      • Poinsettias - Janice LaCombe
    • Videographer: Carina Leland 
    • Santa Claus:  Michael LaCombe
  • Master of Ceremonies:  Gary Raze
  • Curtain Puller:  Keith Wildman

  • Oregon Spirit Chorus
    • Happy Holiday
    • Peace on Earth
    • Jingle Bell Rock
    • BankAmericard
    • Go, Tell it on the Mountain
  • Men's Quartet
    • 2 songs
  • Serenade (group from Willamette GirlChoir)
    • 3 songs
  • Eileen Kemp - December 24 storytelling
  • Santa Claus visit
  • Valley Girls (quartet) 
    • Santa Clause is Coming to Town
    • Time for Joy
INTERMISSION - 20 minutes for audience to "shop" in the lobby
  • Oregon Spirit Chorus
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Doggy Tag (audience participation)
    • Mary, Did You Know
  • Elaine Rosenberg
    • Announce winners /announcements
  • Kathy Scheel
    • Audience "round" - with help from OSC
  • Snow Belles (octet)
    • Rise Up, Shepherd
  • Gary Raze
    • The Night Before Christmas
  • Oregon SenateAires
    • 5 songs
  • Finale - Men/Women together
    • Joy to the World
    • Oh, Holy Night
  • Curtain call
    • All performers called back onstage to sing (with audience) "We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
When the show is over, we will quickly go out to the lobby to greet people as they come out the doors and thank them for coming.

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