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TOTAL KITTY LOOK - Costumes, hair-fur, makeup

posted Feb 16, 2015, 3:08 PM by Elaine Rosenberg
Plans are coming together nicely for the costumes, makeup, and hair for our Harmony Classic kitties package.  We've got fabulous members who are working to help us present an outstanding visual experience for the audience (in June, September, and October).   Below are some links to demonstrations on how we'll be doing our cat makeup and hair.   The target date to have all these pieces complete is the end of April, so we'll be able to rehearse in them thru May and June, and get used to how the outfit moves, how the makeup feels, and it will also give us a tremendous sense of character when we see each other in these costumes.   The effect is going to be incredible!
You will each have a specific cat breed / character / color scheme.   The costume, hair, and makeup will all work together to make your cat come alive.  If you already have your cat picked out, let Klea Ford & Sherry Anderson know and they'll work with the others on the team to help you achieve  the transformation into that cat.
Note:  You may not get your first choice of cat because we want to have a really good mix of kitties - with all kinds of personalities that you'll depict throughout the package.  Some are sweet, mean, shy, silly, dumb, and even a few scruffy-looking kitties because they're stray cats that just recently come in from the alley and haven't lived with Thelma, the crazy cat lady, for very long.
COSTUMES (tops / pants):  Klea Ford is Costume Team Chair. Other members of the team are:  Elaine Rosenberg, Libby Stokes, Kathi Schie, Toni Roush, Lu Webster, Sue debit, and Karlene Hancock.  We're purchasing 5 different colors of fabric for the tops (black, gray, brown, white, and orange) so we'll have about 4-5 cats per color.   Everyone will be wearing leggings to go with each color and your tops will be designed to cover any possible bulges that are stubbornly remaining after you put on your long-line Spanx or similar brand of body slimmer (required for everyone).  The leggings will be heavy fabric.  We have hired a seamstress (Alisa Hintz - in Canby) who will make a "sizing line" and then use your measurements to do fittings so each outfit looks beautiful on your body.  The top will also have "fur" trim around the neckline (and possibly wrists) made out of homespun yarn that is combed out to look like fur.    We will also likely wear ballerina style shoe-slippers so no undue attention is drawn to our feet.  The focus will remain mainly on our faces - so work on the facial expressions that depict your kitty.
    Estimated cost for tops is $20 for fabric; $30 for seamstress = total $50 each
    Estimated cost of leggings is $15 each
    Estimated cost for shoes is $5 each
HAIR - Fur, ears, tails:  Gloria Jarvis found a tutorial in how to make wigs with homespun yarn and that's what we're going to do. You will all wear wigs made of the yarn, combed out to look like fur, and also hair-sprayed to give the illusion of ears (most of the videos below show similar wigs).  Klea Ford is making the first few wigs and will show a group of ladies the simple steps of how to make them so there will be a work party to get them  all be done at the same time.   We'll need several volunteers to help when the time comes (you'll be taught to do 1 step in the process).  The same yarn will be used to make tails.
    Estimated cost for wigs is $5 each
    Estimated cost for tails is $2 each
MAKEUP:  Sherry Anderson is the Makeup Chair and is reviewing the videos below.  As noted above, the makeup will enhance whatever cat character is chosen to make the best mix of kitties across the stage.   Below are links with great demonstrations on how to do your cat makeup.  You each need to study and then practice applying the makeup several times so it gets easier & easier.  Some cats start with white face; others add the white later.  It's very interesting to see all these methods and watch the transition from human to cat. We are going to make ourselves beautiful, with lovely details, because we will be displayed on the jumbo-tron video screen in Las Vegas, as well as on the webcast, and in the Pitchpipe magazine later.  Close-ups will show that every detail has been carefully applied.  Estimated cost of makeup is to be determined soon (it's possible we can just use Halloween makeup which is inexpensive). 
1)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_UhebAn6hw     (notice eyelashes at end)
2)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp9TATt4GvQ    (notice the brown tones)
3)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRBedNGILvk    (starts sloppy, but end result is cool)
10) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8jmqHlOG1Q   (see hair at 11 seconds)