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posted Apr 29, 2018, 8:38 PM by Kathy Scheel
Can you believe that we're down to the final few days before we depart for an exciting time together at the Regional Convention & Competition?!  As you check things off your packing list, be sure to also include a few reminders to believe in yourself and trust your chorus sisters that they are each going well beyond their previous best.  You can feel it when we sing!  It's like an electric current that goes across the risers!  

Each and every time you rehearse through the contest set, you are building the stamina that's such a vital element of performing at a high energy level, but you're also building muscle memory for your face and body, and you're building self-confidence.  With confidence comes a freedom to express yourself more fully and to become the performer in your dreams.

Every night this week, visualize your own personal perfect performance.  Thoughts have creative power that can mold your life and if your thoughts are strong and repeated frequently, there is much more likelihood of them coming true!  

As you are rehearsing, you are constantly switching back and forth from technical thinking (vowels, dynamics, diphthongs, breathing, resonance, etc.) to the artistic (finesse, natural body gestures, heartfelt emotions).  As you continue to drill the set, you will be signing with more and more authenticity and passion!  Dig even deeper! See how much more you can inject into the package every the next time you do a run-through.  Be that sassy, spunky, empowered, and spunky woman on the uptune; and then totally joyful and passionate on the ballad.   Every moment is relentlessly emotional and positive!

The Power Within
    Within our reach lies ever path we ever dream of taking.
    Within our power lies every step we ever dream of making.
    Without our range lies every joy we ever dream of seeing.
    Within ourselves lies everything we ever dream of being.