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posted Apr 18, 2018, 12:15 AM by Kathy Scheel
WOW - WOW - WOW!   You did some FABULOUS singing tonight and I'm sure you felt it, too!  It was clean, energized, unified, blended, skilled, and so very exciting!  Your individual dedication to doing your homework is paying off big-time!  Thank you for staying focused on the goal of doing your own personal best.  We're ramping up and adding more skills each time we rehearse!  So let's keep that momentum going strong!!  Make your new default a B+ level every time. YEAH!!

Your hearts were beating as one tonight - and that's an incredibly powerful feeling to know that your sisters in song are working as hard as you are; that they are putting their own 150% into the vocal and visual presentation!  Trust is a big deal in an ensemble - and tonight you showed so much trust for each other (and me) and that just adds more depth to what you do as a singer and what we do as a group.

  • Always breathe from the core and keep the air moving through your vocal instrument.  Be aware of the warm air (from your lungs) moving through the vocal cords to make a beautifully resonated sound on every breath.
  • Think ahead a few phrases so you can achieve instant tuning of every note / chord.  Avoid scooping or sliding into notes because that results in a lack of unity; everyone must reach the note at exactly the same moment.
  • Sing with intention and purpose and power and exactness.  You are strong.  You can do this!
  • Deliver pure target vowels (always more height), and add more energy to diphthongs (starting with SMAH-EEEld).
  • All songs require quick breaths filled with emotion and meaning.  
  • Use your full range of dynamics - go beyond just your mid-range.  We've got passages in both songs that should be sung SOFTER or LOUDER, so be sure to practice those dynamic ranges.  Dynamic contrast must be clearly defined and very dramatic.  For instance, when you did PAY (PEH-EE) starting with your very softest sound and growing to your strongest, it was awesome!!!  Be sure to practice that a lot so you can do it every time.
  • Pracitce the choreography a LOT so you don't have to think about it at all.  This is a personal responsibility and I'm sure you want to look good, too! But it takes lots of practice, so make time for it every day.
  • Uptune:  
    • Stretch ever phrase to the very end, then do snap breaths to start the next phrase with energy.
    • Make full use of dynamic contrast for a higher score in Expression.
    • Sing with intention and purpose and exactness.
    • Keep adding more energy and maintain the tempo.
    • Be an actress and bring that character to life - have a great time while singing your very best vocals.
    • Listen to the singers around you and feel their hearts being with 
    • Breathe together
    • Be an actress and become the character!  
    • Pay attention to the places that require careful balancing of chords.  The tag is a good example of this.  Leads have the least important notes and the tenors have the melody.
  • Ballad:
    • Change the way the room feels when you sing this love song.  It's joyful and happy and passionate.  Make every person in the room feel that from you.
    • Go beyond just singing the notes and words - sing the meaning between the notes.
    • At the end of the ballad, those breaths are filled with excitement and anticipation, so make 'em quick and eager!  (some-someday, someday / my happy arms will hold you / and someDEH-EE / Aisle know that moment divine when all the things you are ....)
Strive for authentic story-telling every time you perform.  Look at your eyes in the mirror when you sing and see if they are sassy and mischievouss on the uptune and then shining and sparkling on the ballad.