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posted Apr 3, 2018, 11:05 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Apr 4, 2018, 11:36 AM ]
Repeat those words to yourself several times every day!  I believe that anything is achievable when you put in the work and the passion - it was a great session with Ryan Heller tonight and I was so very proud of you!  He was truly impressed with how much progress you've made since he last heard us in February.  Here are just a few of the concepts that we worked on - and which you can work on at home - and which we'll continue to polish in the coming weeks.
  • Relaxed, low breaths to create more singing space with a lowered larynx- no tension anywhere.  Your whole body is your instrument and you just want the air to flow thru your vocal cords in a perfect balance of control with absolute freedom!
  • Natural, speech-like word delivery, not over-extending the mouth/jaw.
  • Energized, emotional breaths on both songs, changing facial expression and body language each time you breathe.
  • Internal dynamics - your section leaders will send you emails with more details on this.  It's absolutely going to add points to our score when every member sings with dynamic contrast.  It's more than just growing/lifting the phrase endings - it's about shaping the phrases so the lyrics come alive with meaning.  Know where your part is less/more important in the chords!
  • Total commitment to the spunky character on the uptune - sassy and strong with lots of facial expression and body language!
  • Go beyond just doing the choreography on the uptune - own your part and have a blast (while maintaining optimum vocal posture - this takes individual dedication and practice)!
  • Total commitment to the joyful love of the ballad - go beyond just 'happy' and become immersed in the artistry and the ebb and flow of the song.  
I'd like you to build your stamina a little more each day, so you'll be prepared to give energy throughout the contest package, as well as for every song in our repertoire. Drill the entire package - including dynamics, tempo, choreography, face/body involvement, and tons of energy - over and over to build that stamina!  The excitement of contest can be overwhelming at times and this drilling will help you prepare to be your very strongest & best! Be sure to transfer these skills to the songs we'll be performing at the send-off (see last week's Kathy's Korner).  We want to be sure all our songs are at the same high level --- and I heard some B+ level singing going on more & more consistently tonight.  How exciting is that?!!!

When you rehearse at home, do it in front of a mirror and really be honest about whether your face is changing expressions as you go thru each song.   Do the songs at the right tempo, with all the energy and emotion and interpretive plan (it's so easy to take it slow but you'll be undoing all the great work we do at chorus rehearsals).  When you practice the choreography and characterization and showmanship, make sure you're really putting on the pizzazz while maintaining your very best vocal skills!  If you do this each day, it will be a piece of cake when you get on stage in Reno.  You'll have done the work and then you can just trust yourself that you are ready!  

My personal goal has always been to make the audience FEEL something!  To cause them to laugh or sigh or raise up out of their seats in a standing ovation!  That's what I love about performing - that emotional connection with an audience!  Of course, from a competitive perspective, I know that we're really only competing with ourselves, and I know that you've all worked so hard this year and we've come so far!  That's really the best award we can ever give ourselves!  

As the weeks progress towards our performance at contest, I will take more opportunities to direct LESS in order for you to become more SINGER-DRIVEN.  This is a skill that you are now ready to embrace and you proved it tonight on the ballad.  It was so lovely and I am so happy for all of us!