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posted Aug 10, 2016, 9:46 AM by OregonSpirit


There are so many awesome things happening at Oregon Spirit Chorus these days!  People, music, plans, goals!!  Think about it:  YOU are making things happen; YOU are claiming ownership of your own chorus, your own voice, your own involvement.


·       The new song, “Somebody to Love” is going to be fabulous.  Leads totally rocked it last night, and the harmony parts are meeting your challenge head-on with those rhythms and lyrics.  I was REALLY impressed with the homework that YOU did to learn this, and expect everyone to be off the music in 3 weeks (by end of August) so we can begin the process of polishing this number for our audiences.  Let’s see if we can get it ready to perform for the first time in November at our show.  

·       New guests keep coming in the door!  We had another crop of them last night and it’s exciting to meet these women.  They bring a special new energy into the group and it’s so gratifying to watch you interact with them, building connections.  One of the comments I frequently hear from guests is how friendly you are!  You go, girls!

·       The plans are moving forward nicely for UNITED WE SING, our November 13 show honoring veterans, with Sarah Black as chair.  Many of you have stepped forward to help in various ways – now let’s all be aggressive in selling tickets (starting soon).  You are a huge part of the marketing effort so spread the word as soon as the flyer comes out - send it to people, share it on facebook, mention it on Meetup, talk it up! 

·       We/YOU are working steadily towards meeting the goals that YOU set back in January.

1.    Increasing membership to 50-60 members: We had 29 on the risers in May; we are on target to have 40 by the end of the summer. We have welcomed the following new members since January, and have several prospective members in the wings.  Each of these talented new members add a new dimension to our chorus sound and personality, as well as helping hands on all our activities and we are so very happy that they have joined us - keep 'em coming!

        1.  Black, Sarah

        2.  Clark, Adry

        3.  Cunningham, Alyssa

        4.  Cunningham, Linda

        5.  Evers, Ashely

        6.  Meyers, Cindy

        7.  O'Donnell, Linda

        8.  Sheldon, Jenny

        9.  Wilson, Kathy

2.    Earn over 600 points at contest:   We are taking in the same two songs (All the Way and I Didn't Wanna Fall) and have great coaching lined up, and you are working on improving your own vocal skills at home. 

3.    Maintain community awareness of OSC. We are performing at the Oregon State Fair in September, offering voice lessons, having a Christmas Chorus, had a garage sale, planning a show in November and December.

4.    Commitment to non-singing activities. Nearly every member is on a committee, but if you are not yet working on a chorus task, find a job that you can do.  As you can see from this Kathy's Korner, we've got a lot of things happening, so we want all hands involved in making all of our dreams come true.

5.    Camaraderie/Fun.   First Tuesday Afterglows, Good News, beach trip, laughter at rehearsals, hugs!

·       We’ve got a coaching session with Lea Beverly, Expression Judge, on September 27.  We’ll work on “All the Way” and “I Didn’t Wanna Fall”, so be sure you are solid on those so we can work on the higher level skills.  This is the first time we’ve had an Expression Judge work with us, so I’m really looking forward to it and expect every member on the risers that night (guests – you are very welcome to participate, so these are top priority songs).

·       Plans are underway for the next installment of free group voice lessons (A’Cappella 101) and are kicking off the 2016 Christmas Chorus at the same time (Sept 13 & 20).  Every member is invited to attend these sessions - not just new people.  In addition to the singing lesson, you'll be helping the membership team as well as the new people.  Linda Cunningham is seeking local performance opportunities and we’re working on a show for the Elks and community on December 18.  Watch for Diane Watson’s updated flyer so you can invite as many women as possible.  We hope to have a big group of ladies singing with us for the next few months (all of them are potential members of OSC).  The basic plan is:

o   Sept 13 & 20 – voice lessons/Christmas Chorus kickoff

o   Sept 27 – coaching with Lea Beverly (contest songs only; no Christmas music)

o   October – 6:30-8:00 Christmas Chorus; 8:00-9:30 Regular repertoire

o   November - 6:30-8:00 Christmas Chorus; 8:00-9:30 Regular repertoire

o   December – focus on Christmas music.

·       December 5-9 – half of the chorus is going to Hawaii for the Pearl Harbor anniversary.  We will certainly miss those who are not going with us, but know we have your support and pride in us. 


I love Tuesdays because they bring me such positive and uplifting feelings that last all week long…and then it’s Tuesday night again!  Life is good – and I thank each of YOU for being such a big part of it.

Love - Kathy