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posted Sep 14, 2016, 11:40 AM by OregonSpirit
Last night was sure fun with all those wonderful students/guests.  It will be really neat to see them grow as performers in the next couple of months!  Of course, you all know that the Christmas Chorus is a membership recruitment campaign and it will take all of YOUR efforts to convince these ladies that OSC is worth the effort - share what a difference it has made in your own lives.  We want them to stay and become members of this incredible chorus!  Talk to them, make friends, help them, get a few ladies together for lunch or rehearsals, be your genuine self and they will love you, never leave a guest standing alone.  Even if she is not in your section, go and talk with her! Go the extra mile to help them feel a part of the group as soon as possible. The music will get better and better.  Yeah, we did a little "gang-singing" last night, but that's just because it was such a huge increase in voices and everyone automatically feels the need to sing louder so you can hear yourselves.   HA!  But that will simmer down and we'll get back to some really musical sounds soon. 

Many of our guests are former members and I don't anticipate that they will rejoin OSC, but there are several previous Christmas Chorus singers who may now be ready to become members.  And those brand-new ladies are just beginning to see what we're all about.  Let's impress them with our friendship as well as our singing!

We had 21 guests last night (WOO-HOO) and it seems that all are planning to return (another WOO-HOO).  Plus there were a few who couldn't make it and are hoping to come next week, so it's possible that we could have even more! WOW! 

With YOUR efforts, YOU will reach YOUR goal of 50-60 members.  It takes focus and diligence.  YOU CAN DO IT!!