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posted Oct 29, 2012, 9:34 PM by Kathy Scheel
Well, after a zillion emails back and forth between members of the management team (of which I am a member) and my assistant director, I want everyone to know that we all feel that every member of the chorus will be expected to step up your level of individual commitment and dedication in order to meet one of our goals:  630 points at contest.   I am meeting with the Section Leaders this weekend to iron out some procedures for achieving our musical oals...There is already agreement that EVERY SINGER IN THE CHORUS will be required to meet the minimal standards of 100% accuracy on notes and words, so if you have not turned in your recordings to your reviewer, do it today.  We are tracking your progress and will help you achieve success, but the effort must come from you.  We need not remind you anymore.  Every member needs to be 100% accurate before Ryan Heller comes to coach us in 3 weeks.  Send your recording to the Section Leaders/Reviewers - don't do it at the last minute so they are not buried with 10 recordings.  Give yourself a chance to make any improvements or corrections that are needed.
Speaking of Ryan Heller's coaching session, there are only 27 signed up to attend (77% of the chorus).  Please (please) see if there is any way possible for you to finish preparing your Thanksgiving meal before or after that Wednesday evening so we can have at least 80% of our singers onthe risers for the education that Ryan brings. 
Going from B+ to A- is a much bigger leap than the points would indicate. It requires strong individual vocal skills, complete consistency in sound, 100% involvement from beginning to end, energy, stamina, sectional unity, a huge amount of heart and passion, and sincerity in the performance.  The technique must be ingrained so that we can move into the artistic presentation ("transcending technique"). That takes commitment and time, and it starts now.
This is a big turning point in Oregon Spirit Chorus - becoming a more singer-driven chorus where every member is accountable, and working towards a higher goal, in its process, will make each of you a stronger singer and performer.
This is a pretty exciting and powerful place to be but the realization of these goals depends on how much you want it to happen.  Let's row this boat with the oars all going in the same direction and see where it takes us!