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posted May 28, 2012, 8:29 PM by Kathy Scheel
Last Saturday, we had such a good time singing - we had so much fun, and brought such joy to those who heard us.  I know that we all want to do more of that, right?   The thing that brought us all together is the desire to sing, right? 
So I'm asking for the help of each of YOU to find us more performance opportunities!    We realize that it's hard to find places large enough to accommodate the whole chorus, but with enough advance notice, we can put together small groups to perform. 
Another option is for you to form your own small group - rehearse the songs together so they're really good - sing in front of the chorus for approval that you meet the minimum requirements for public performance.  And have a great time improving on your own skills.  What fun!
If you can think of a place for OSC to perform, let Jill Nishball (Performance Coordinator) know.  She will make contact with the potential client on behalf of the chorus, negotiate a fee (if possible), and hopefully we'll be able to go out perform for the public more often.
I want to add that my philosophy about contest is that it is the single best way to continue to improve our skills as singers and performers!  With a specific goal in mind, we all work harder, sing better, and experience incredible growth as women, as well as singers.  The Sweet Adelines organization is built around the premise that we improve thru the experience of competition which provides us with an opportunity to gauge our progress and learn what we can focus on to continue to increase our abilities, hone our talents, and give audiences musical experiences that they will remember forever.
So, even tho it seems that my main focus is contest - my REAL FOCUS is on improvement of the musical product.  Contest is simply a wonderful, challenging vehicle for making sure that happens.