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posted Jun 2, 2018, 8:01 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jun 2, 2018, 8:01 PM ]

Hello everyone -   I’ve spoken again with Patsy Meiser (Harmony Travel) who has provided additional information about a chorus trip to Ireland and/or Scotland.  Following our conversation, my recommendations are listed below.  Once I get some more decisions made, I’ll be setting up a website so you’ll only get occasional reminders to go there for updates.  For now, please read through this and we’ll talk more on Tuesday night – and be sure to click on the Doodle poll at the end of this email so I can get better idea of who is actually planning to come on this fun trip!


  • Where - One country instead of two
    • Ireland is about $1000 less expensive than Scotland.
    • Those of us wanting to go to Scotland can arrange a separate (personal trip) before or after the group tour. 
  • Timing – June/July of 2020 (after school is out)
    • 10-day tour:  2 days of travel time (to/from Ireland), 8 days of touring.
    • We would perform about 3 times during the trip, including the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, and a couple of gatherings with local barbershop groups.
  • Cost:  Current price is approximately $2400
    • Prices include tours, meals, lodging, coach transportation
      • Does not include airfare of about $1000
      • Does not include travel insurance of about $200
    • Deposit is $250 each and can be paid when each individual signs up to go.
    • Monthly payments –
      • We can set up whatever payment plan works for us, but $100/month seems feasible
      • Final payment is due about 3 months before the trip (say April)
    • Price will be locked about 2 years in advance – so if we confirm in June, we’ll get the price locked in July. 
      • The sooner we confirm, the sooner the price is locked.
    • Prices include tour, meals, lodging, coach transportation.
  • Fundraisers earmarked for this trip
    • We can wait to pay the deposit until we’ve had a fundraiser.
    • We’ll discuss ways to raise funds for our members while maintaining our non-profit status.
  • Music/Rehearsals
    • We’d have learning tracks and expectations that people work on their own, then have a couple of Saturday sessions after contest weekend that May and June, to allow for non-OSC members to attend, and also for us to stay focused on our competition experience.
    • An option is for OSC to not compete that year.  Will talk about that.
  • Limit the trip to 50 people – first 50 that sign up.
    • Patsy says it’s very difficult to have more than one bus because some of the tour stops have limited space (tight streets, small villages)
    • Also, if we go over 50 people, we may need 2 buses and the price would increase.
    • Could start a waiting list – there are sometimes cancellations. 
    • Patsy will be advertising the trip on Facebook, so it’s possible that singers from other cities will want to go along. 
      • Consider a cutoff date for signing up.
      • Send me recordings to review – quality assurance
  • Chairs:
    • Tour/Performances – Kathy Scheel (website, music, rehearsals)
    • Administration - Karen Wildman (forms, payments, reminders, etc.).
  • Below is the link to a Doodle poll to get a “show of hands” for who is planning to go.  Please fill it out right away (by June 14).  I have copied a few non-OSC members on this email, but if you anticipate non-OSC members coming along, please forward this email to them and ask them to fill out the Doodle poll and send me a confirming email.