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TUESDAY, July 24

posted Jul 21, 2018, 10:13 PM by Kathy Scheel
SECTIONALS!   You asked for more section rehearsals, so you'll finally have 2 full hours on Tuesday night!  WOOT!   Your section leaders have worked hard to be prepared to lead you through the newest songs so please take the time to KNOW the music ahead of time:
  • Fun In Just One Lifetime
  • Forgotten Dreams/Long Ago & Far Away
  • Sister Act
They will be listening for unity in all things:
  • Notes - of course, you will know 95% of them, but they'll help with problem spots
  • Lyrics  - ditto
  • Tuning - staying true to the tonal center
  • Intervals - ascending notes are "farther apart"; descending notes are "closer together"
  • Interpretative plan - breaths, tempo, dynamics, tempo
  • Vowels and diphthongs - tall primary vowels, energized diphthongs
  • Attacks and releases - breathe together to sing together at beginnings and endings of phrases
  • Resonance and vocal placement - check for resonance by plugging the nose

  • Warm up your voice on the way to rehearsal so you can get started right away.  Sirens, bubbles, scales, breathing - they all work to get your individual ready, both physically and mentally.
  • Record everything, especially your own singing so you can review it later.  If you have a problem spot, ask someone to sing it into your recorder.  Be your own best vocal student.
  • Arrive early - Rehearsal is from 7:00-9:00 and your promptness is a lovely sign of respect.

AND - If you all decide there's time, you may also take the opportunity to:
  • Do some duet work with other parts (bass/lead, tenor/baritone, bass/tenor, lead/baritone, lead/tenor, bass/baritone)
  • Review the other songs we'll be working on next month:
    • After I'm Gone - review lyrics; let me know if any awesome ideas pop up!
    • Just The Way You Look Tonight 
Have a wonderful time making music.  I'll miss you, but am headed to Hood River to coach Harmony of the Gorge this Tuesday, then am going to Bend to coach Bella A'Cappella next Tuesday.  So I'll get my barbershop fix for the time I'm not with my favorite chorus!  I can't wait to see lots of you this coming weekend at Oregon Days and then back with everyone again on August 7th.  Sounds like an eternity to me, but I know you'll be enjoying the beautiful summer while also carving in some time for musical studies.  

Love to all -   Kathy