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THIS WEEK (March 3)

posted Feb 27, 2011, 5:30 PM by Kathy Scheel
Gosh, it seems like ages since I saw many of you - with weather problems, vacations, sickness, and snowbirds, I haven't seen some of you in quite awhile!  It will be great to get back to chorus this week and dive into the contest material.  Let's start the rehearsal at the highest level possible - wherever you are at this point in time, your very best.  And let's do that every week - why hold back, right?! 

This week, we go to 3-hour rehearsals (6:30-9:30) through contest.  I really appreciate everyone making an effort to get there early so we can optimize our brief time together.  A recent video of the choreography is being posted on the website, so be sure to check it out and study it - singing at your VERY BEST, with all the dynamics, texture, emotion, and energy that's required.  You really need to rehearse at a high level in order to build the stamina required for performing at our very best.  Never just "phone it in" - GO BIG !!

I've been thinking about something that may help our snowbirds get back into the rhythm since they are gone for several weeks.  Would anyone be available for a 2-hour rehearsal on Saturday, April 23rd?  And if so, would you have a suggestion of a place to get together?  (It costs us each time we use the community center, so we cannot go there.)  Even if it's just 10-12 people, I think it would be time well-spent.  Put a note on the website email if you're interested - and with suggestions of where.

April 30th is the Quartet Showcase, so I hope lots of us will be there to support our competing quartets: Roadshow, Free Spirit, Heyday, and Diamonds in the Rough.  Let's go MAKE SOME NOISE !!

COACHING:  Since we've had spotty rehearsals recently, I've postponed the coaching session til next week (March 10) with Tim McCormic and Kim Chadwick.  Tim has also been out of town a lot, so we're being mutually flexible with the schedule.    We've got Melanie Wroe coming on April 14th, too.


See you Thursday!

Love - Kathy