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THIS WEEK (March 17)

posted Mar 14, 2011, 5:34 PM by Kathy Scheel
Well, you already know it's St. Patrick's Day and green is OSC's color, so let's all wear green this Thursday night.  Tim McCormic will be coaching the chorus (unless he has to travel out of town again) and he'll be bringing Kim Chadwick along to work with the basses.  ARRIVE READY TO SING -- be vocally warmed up and focused so we can get right to work at 6:30 sharp.
Review the video on this website from Saturday's rehearsal with two purposes in mind: 
(1)  Learn the choreography so well that you can focus on SINGING
(2)  Fill in the visual side of your "performance readiness checklist"
When you rehearse, you must do it exactly as planned - complete with all the resonance, phrase endings, vowel integrity, dynamics, body language, and lots of energy.  This is how you will build your skills and stamina to perform the songs at your highest personal level.
*  We changed the intro so there's a quick/energetic breath between "is" and "jumpin". 
*  Practice the dynamics on the whole song so there is much more contrast (softs must be softer)
*  Tenors practice the correct/tuned notes on the Joint is Jumpin tag
*  Tenors continue to work on singing with a more open sound on the high notes all the time
*  Basses work on keeping the buzz throughout Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - stretch the vowel sounds
*  Basses continue to improve on the problem areas in Long Ago & Far Away
*  Leads continue to work on taller placement and resonance
*  Baritones be sensitive to balance of the chords when you are above the leads on How Deep is the Ocean
*  Baritones work on the problem spot in the tag of How Deep is the Ocean
We have 11 rehearsals left (including this week), so we're down to the "final 10" starting next Thursday, March 24th.  Woo-HOOOOOO - my tummy just did a little flutter of excitement!
Next week, we're going to run thru a couple of the regional songs each week, so if you need/want learning tracks, they will be loaded onto this website soon.  Otherwise, just have fun in Spokane standing in the middle of a bunch of leads from other choruses and sing along at the Mass Sing.  It's FUN!
Next week, I'll have some more information about our May 7th Families & Friends Performance.  Watch for that.
Have a great week - vocalize every day - drink more water than usual - and I'll see you at 6:30 on Thursday!
Love - Kathy