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THIS WEEK (June 23)

posted Jun 21, 2011, 5:43 PM by Kathy Scheel
I'm pretty excited cuz this is the week that everyone should be off the sheet music on the exciting new uptune, "Let Yourself Go!".  I know it's one of those songs with an extremely strong "hook" that just keeps running thru our brains!  But I love it - and apparently you do, too, because you're all learning it really fast and that's fantastic!  What I've noticed is that some of you are experiecing vocal fatigue after we've rehearsed it awhile.  Please be very careful not to push yourself too far - but just fast enough to stretch those muscles and build up the vocal strength and stamina so you've got complete control of the song.  If your voice starts "cutting out" on you, ease off the volume and add more AIR.  Yes - just move your focus to the breathing skills and make sure you're singing on a constant column of air.  Initiate airflow before sound so it's like singing on a cushion of air.   The more you sing the song, the easier it will be for you to build the stamina required.  Of course, all the other things apply to taking good care of your voice:  lots of water, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, so your vocal cords are really hydrated.  Gets lots of rest.  Never speak (or laugh) too loud or too long (boy, that's a hard one for me).  Avoid things that tend to dry the vocal chords (reducing the needed fluids) like menthol, caffeine, smoke, and many cough suppressants.  
Love - kathy