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THIS WEEK (Jan 26)

posted Jan 24, 2012, 9:44 PM by Kathy Scheel

Hi everyone -   Here's the schedule of rehearsals from now until March 22.....The first line shows the date; the second line shows the hours of actual rehearsal for each date.  Can you believe it --- only 36 rehearsal hours til we're on stage in Spokane!  

1/26 2/2 2/9 SAT
2/16 2/23 SAT
3/1 3/8 SAT
2.5 2.5 2.5 6.0 2.5 2.5 6.0 2.5 2.5 4.0 2.5 36.0

Of course, that's only counting the times when all of us are together and doesn't include the times when your sections have rehearsals on your own at someone's home  (huge hint).   You don't need to wait until the section leader calls a special rehearsal - anyone in your section can say, "Hey, come over to my house on XX date for an hour" (fun social time, too). Or maybe you have a videocamera and can do your choreography and visual plan (especially faces) and then review it together.  What a hoot that is - and very informative (huh?  you thought you were smiling with your eyes?!).  Or maybe you could let the PVI instructors know that you want to be next for your PVI (everyone is getting one - Dawn, Linda, Mary, Connie).   Maybe the front row would like to reserve some time at the athletic facility to work things out in front of the mirrors there (go for it, ladies!).   Maybe you can record yourself singing and performing at home (without benefit of the backup chorus), and then go thru the self-evaluation checklist and see where you are able to improve even more.  

There are so many things we can each do to help Oregon Spirit Chorus  give our very best performance.   Here are some reminders:

  1. Every time you walk into rehearsal, be prepared to perform at 100%. 
  2. Do a little vocalizing every single day (like Kathy Smith said, it's amazing how it helps).  Vocalize on the way to chorus and be ready to do unity warmups so we can optimize our brief time together
  3. Don't wait for someone to tell you to get on the risers, or to come and do the physical warmups that will help build your stamina and rhythm.  Just do it.  Choose personal responsibility.
  4. Remember to allow your body to constantly move while singing.  This helps keep the voice vibrant and fluid.
  5. Keep your eyes "alive" at all times.  Emote much more than normal - don't just raise your eyebrows and leave them there - change your facial expressions frequently and meaningfully, but with much more drama.  The moment you are on the risers, you are on stage!!  Try this: stand in front of a mirror but look away from it and sing the first line of "How Deep is the Ocean" - now look in the mirror.  Are you looking joyful?  Is it really sincere?  Let's give the Showmanship Judge what she wants to see (and the whole audience): a totally believable performance that comes from the heart and shines thru the eyes.
  6. Always find the "ring spot" in your voice.  If it's not ringing, it's possible you're resonating too far back, so just bring it a bit "forward".  It's just a mental image of moving the air towards the front of the face, the mask.
  7. Remember the 3 important elements that Dede reminded us about:
    1. Air = volume
    2. Space = resonance
    3. Always sing in the ring spot
  8. Do the homework you need in order to leave absolutely no doubts - no hesitation...just confidence and power.
Dede will be working with us again on Thursday night (YAY)!  Let's do our best to bring our A-game from the moment we step on the risers.  Not just the two contest songs - apply this to EVERYTHING in our repertoire.  Work on all the songs we'll be performing in Spokane (Let Yourself Go, On My Own, Take a Chance).  We'll be having lots of sectionals and duet work on those songs so you'll get all your questions answered and be able to sing with total confidence by the time we perform.  Smooth is the key to success on those 3 songs ---- so add more air flow, soften the hard consonants, take quicker breaths between phrases, attend to the dynamic plan.   Simple, huh?  NO - but the work is so very rewarding!!  What a thrill it is when we know we've sung something better than ever before.... and the work continues and the level of skill climbs upward.  Pretty exciting stuff!!
Rehearsals will be from 6:30-9:30 starting next week (Feb 2).  We'll be focusing on choreography from 6:30-7:00 so you can build that muscle-memory and return the focus on your voice. 
You are a member of Oregon Spirit Chorus!
The one that has improved by 151 points in just 4 contests.
The one that is going to add more points this year --- by every single member.
The one that everyone looks forward to seeing!
Be proud.  Honor your vocal instrument.
Declare that you are the best you can be.
Mean it - Live it - Believe it!
Love, Kathy