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THIS WEEK (2-24-11)

posted Feb 21, 2011, 3:39 PM by Kathy Scheel
  • Due to the potential for snow on Thursday, rehearsal may be cancelled this week.  Please watch our website carefully for an announcement regarding this.  If you know of anyone who does not have email or cannot check theirs regularly, please be sure to contact them when a decision is made and posted.  Go to our website and click on "OSC Member Site" (lower left corner of screen).  You'll see the announcement there.   Bottom line:  Do not drive if there is any concern for your personal safety!
  • Tim McCormic / Kim Chadwick coaching is postponed again this week.  I hope to have them visit soon, but I may want to bump it yet another week into March.  I'll let you know as soon as possible.
  • Thanks for reading the new Attendance Policy and sending me your questions.  Here is a list of the "Final 10" rehearsals scheduled thru contest:
    1. Mar 17
    2. Mar 24
    3. Mar 31
    4. Apr 7
    5. Apr 14
    6. Apr 16
    7. Apr 21
    8. May 5
    9. May 7
    10. May 12
  • Our "snowbirds" have been in touch with me and will be returning to Oregon at various times; some may be performing for me so they can go to contest with us.  I sure wouldn't want to leave them behind, and know they are all working with the recordings and videos to stay up to date with what's happening.  What treasures they are!  [In fact, I know that every member does this if you have to miss a rehearsal.  ]
  • R.E.A.C.H.  =  Regional Education in A'Cappella Harmony, and OSC is the host chorus on Sept 9-11.  We'll also get to be the chorus to demonstrate various techniques for the attendees, publicly coached by Melanie Wroe and Mary Rhea.  Our main responsibility will be with registrations (preparing packets, badges, sign-ins, helping people find meeting rooms onsite, etc.).  The host chorus gets to have a boutique table for fundraising, so Chair Laurie LaBrasseur will be telling us more about this in a couple of months.  Just be sure to mark your calendars to not miss it.
  • April 30th is the Quartet Showcase sponsored by Gold Country Chorus.  All competing quartets  in the area are invited to perform, and the proceeds from this show will support the quartet(s) from Region 24 that is competing at International this year.  Please try to attend this event to support our 4 quartets who are competing this year and representing OSC: 
    • Roadshow (Dawn Wright)
    • Free Spirit (Linda Barker, Celeste Karzon, Judy Gobat, Crystal Sublette)
    • Heyday (Linda Huston, Lisa Fieber, Judi Haynes)
    • Diamonds in the Rough (Lori McGinty, Klea Ford)
  • Join the OSC Sisters on the new website, so you are sure to get updated information.  Check with Elaine.Rosenberg@oregonspirit.org for more info or instructions.
 I hope to see you this week, but we'll see what Mother Nature has in store for us!
Love to all -  Kathy