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posted Feb 17, 2019, 8:31 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Feb 17, 2019, 5:10 PM ]
You ladies are wonderful!  Yesterday's performance in Canby was so satisfying and awesome for many reasons: your focus and personal work to get all of those songs performance-ready, your arrival at the venue 3 hours early to make up for lost time due to the cancellation of last weekend's coaching, the silliness and laughter you shared, and the genuine affection you have for one another that shines through in the pictures that were taken.  You sang beautifully and the audience truly enjoyed our performance!   In fact, three ladies gave us their names/contact information at the lovely OSC table that was set up in the lobby by Janet Owen and Diane Watson (and watched over by Patrick Owen, our biggest fan and best PR guy)!  So watch for a few more new guests to arrive soon!

Now we look ahead to what's coming up next for OSC:
  • New songs
  • Advance
  • Skill-Building 
  • Contest Prep
  • Send-Off Concert
NEW SONGS:  Three new songs are in the pipeline and I'll let you know when everything is ready for you to start learning them.
  • Change the World - tracks are being prepared and the sheet music is on the way.  I expect this one to get underway in early June so we can include in our show at the end of the year.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - we already own this song (in our music library), and the tracks will be prepared soon. This is a number we plan to sing on the pops concert with the Willamette GirlChoir on May 18.
  • Harmonize the World - this is a song that was traditionally sung by all choruses at the end of rehearsals (before How We Sang Today).  We will sing it on the May 18 pops concert while the young girls sing "We're the future, the hope of the world".  I'll be preparing learning tracks on that this week.
ADVANCE:  March 9-10 is a really special annual event for OSC.  It's a weekend dedicated to polishing the two contest songs, elevating them to a higher level as we absorb all the education and guidance provided by our coach, Lea Beverley.  A booklet will be issued soon to let you know what to expect, what to bring, the schedule, and more.  We'll have time to work on choreography, check costumes, do some fun craft projects, and of course, the annual talent show (hope you're all working up some kind of act; the more the better)!  Of course, a big part of the weekend is the strengthening of our sisterhood as we work and play together.  As Elaine Rosenberg noted last week, the chorus treasury will subsidize a portion of your cost (for those staying overnight) so you only pay $75 for 1 night's lodging plus 4 meals (Sat L-D, Sun B-L).  Everyone is expected to attend this important workshop specifically tailored for OSC and I'm so happy to hear that only 2 people will be missing on Saturday so we'll really have a great opportunity to solidify everything.

SKILL-BUILDING:  I invite anyone interested to come to my home from 12:00-4:00 or 5:30-7:30 on Thursdays to work on building your personal skills - including how to breathe to sing, showmanship, or whatever else you want to work on.  I would like to know how many to expect, so I ask that you send me a note on Wednesday to let me know if you're coming.  I will not charge a fee for OSC members; instead, I invite you to make a small donation to the chorus Angel Fund (give it to Cindy Meyers).  Another skill-building time will be our bonus session on April 6-7 at the Elks.    

CONTEST PREP:  Regional Competition is probably the most important single event on our calendar.  The weeks leading up to contest are when we get super-focused and experience a tremendous amount of progress, both personally and for the ensemble.  On May 4th, we get to perform for the entire region (and they love us) and also show the judges our musical growth and our spirited personality as a chorus, then get written feedback that will help propel us to the next step in our journey.  One of the steps leading up to this special performance is the EVERY member be 100% solid on both of the contest songs (of course, this applies to every song in our repertoire).  I ask that every singer send your recording of the two contest songs to your section leader immediately.  If you didn't record last Tuesday, you can sing along with a Lead track that's in our music library and send it today, so your section leader can review it and provide you with constructive feedback right away, giving you an opportunity to address any problem areas before the next rehearsal.  The work that you put into preparing for your audition to become a member of Oregon Spirit is the level of effort that is expected, and I have total faith and trust that you will achieve 100% by the end of February.  [At the time of this writing, 17 of our 31 singers have reportedly completed this goal.] 

In order to finalize the riser placement (which affects the sound and visual plan), I'm setting March 19 as the cutoff date for joining OSC and competing with us in Reno.  This will give everyone a solid six weeks (plus the April 6-7 weekend) to polish our set. [Please keep in mind that if an exceptionally talented and self-motivated individual walks in the door on March 26, I will use director's discretion to make the decision of whether that individual will be able to perform with us on the regional competition stage.]  

SEND-OFF SHOW:  On Tuesday, April 23, we'll do a pre-contest send-off show for our families & friends where we'll perform all of the songs that we did in Canby, plus Sister Act and the new ones for the pops concert as noted above.  This will be at the Elks and we'll need someone to organize a few things so please consider volunteering to help (room setup, simple decorations, snacks, fundraising project or donation jar, etc.).  

Our chorus family - a loving group of unique women who share your many gifts with each other joyfully.  Sisters singing, chords ringing feeds my soul.