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SUMMARY of 1/30/18 - and LOOK-AHEAD

posted Jan 31, 2018, 12:31 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jan 31, 2018, 12:35 AM ]
YAY, we had a few more people at rehearsal this week, so hopefully the flu/cold has run its course thru our group and everyone is back soon.  Tonight we spent time reviewing the two contest songs as well as going through the songs we'll perform this coming Friday, February 2nd, in Albany.  The performing group worked separately and then performed two songs for the rest of the chorus and guests.  The main things to focus on for the performing group are:  (1) learn the visual plan, and (2) watch the director.  We'll likely be performing on a flat floor, so be sure you find a way to see me clearly so you are able to confidently sing your very best.  Study the videos of choreography so you are solid on the important visual aspect of performing!!  You can find those links under "Welcome Chorus / Watch Chorus Videos".

I'm sure looking forward to performing again!  It'll be great fun to bring our music to the Mercy House in Albany!  All the information you need is on Performance Central so be sure you're ready to go with costumes, makeup, hair, and a dedication to musical excellence!

My sincere gratitude goes to Sasanna Botieff for leading a break-away group tonight while I worked with the performing group.  It's so great to have this talented woman to help me and you!  She has such a depth of knowledge about vocal pedagogy that it's really valuable to have her doing the vocal warmups, too! 

After the whole chorus came back together, we worked on the contest songs.  Here are the places that need attention (and you'll get more details from your section leaders):
  • Who's Sorry Now
    • Get the choreography as solid as possible so you can focus more on the singing/sound.
    • Always have a lot of facial expression and body language.  This takes a huge amount of practice, so do it every day in front of a mirror and challenge yourself to do more than you are currently doing.  
    • The tag was fixed (NA-NA) - it's correct as written on the sheet music that I sent last week.  
    • Tempo must be maintained with stamina throughout the song.
    • Pay attention to target vowels - TALL vowels always.  Especially now (NAH-oo), how (HAH-oo), pay (PEH-ee).
    • Basses, practice the skill of being slightly ahead of the beat. This will really help our sync.
    • Add more and more characterization to your delivery while maintaining an open, resonant, rich sound.
  • All the Things You Are
    • Maintain the tonal center in the intro.  Use lots of energy and forward motion and passion, while always breathing in a 3D space.
    • Basses - sing on the upper side of every note.
    • Practice every transition - they are marked on the sheet music I sent last week.  
    • Visual plan will be solidified in a couple of weeks.
EVERYONE is expected to do your self-evaluations and achieve 100% accuracy on all songs.  This applies to every song in our repertoire and is an ongoing program, but it's especially important for our contest songs that will be judged by four amazing women who have really big ears!  If you haven't done yours yet, do it today to check and see where you are.  You may want to send it to your section leader for review if you'd like some additional feedback; they'll be able to tell you what to work on.  This is something that is required for every singer and I have faith that you will do it because you made a commitment to work hard and do your best.  So you need to do your self-evaluation NOW, before you've established any bad habits.  I sent everyone the form via email a couple of weeks ago.  Our coaches will continue to make improvements to our songs, so stay flexible, but don't wait to record yourself and do your self-evaluations!  Do it before next week.  This is an important practice for a singer-driven chorus member who wants to maintain B+ quality performing!  Let's get 100% of our members at 100% accuracy!

  • Feb 2 - Ryan Heller, 6:30-9:30.  Get there early, warm-up, get meetings done.
  • Feb 13 - Valegrams groups sing.
  • Feb 17-18 - Sandy Marron coaching, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning til noon.
  • Feb 20 - Rookie Orientation, 5:30 dinner at Elks (hosted by Janet and Kathy)
  • Feb 27  - Early choreography session, 6:30-7:00
  • Mar 6 - Ryan Heller, 6:30-9:30
  • Mar 10-11 - Advance Weekend, Lea Beverly coaching, all day Saturday (overnight), and Sunday til 2:30.  
  • We'll have all the rest of March and all of April to reinforce all that we've learned from our talented coaches.  
  • We'll be doing some new rehearsal techniques in the coming weeks to make sure you are all stand-alone singers, so this is a heads-up to be prepared!
  • We'll be videotaping each rehearsal so watch for those - and see how much you can improve each week!
  • We'll be learning a simple new song in March - taught by our newest quartet (no name yet -  Laurie, Linda, Sasanna, Cindy).

All my love,