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SUMMARY of 1-23-18 and LOOK-AHEAD

posted Jan 24, 2018, 9:31 AM by Kathy Scheel
Flu season is in full swing and it's hit OSC head-on this year!  We had 10 people missing last night, 6 of whom were sick with the flu (others were travelling on business, tending to a new grandbaby, being a Snowbird, and dealing with a brother's car accident).  With all those voices gone, it was a very different sounding group last night, but all of you really stepped up and worked hard, applying the things you learned at the coaching sessions with Tori Postma.  GOOD FOR YOU!!   Keep working on those each day, pushing yourself to excel, and you'll be so delighted with (and proud of) the results!  But it really does take a concerted, focused, frequent effort, so don't delay - start today!

Section leaders met with their respective sections and went thru the two contest songs to be sure everyone understood the changes.  It's very important that you make your own copy of the sheet music that I sent out on Monday so we're all working from the same page (literally).   We also made a recording of both songs - attached to this post (below) is the self-evaluation sheet to use each day.  Download it to your computer and make several copies of this to use as you review your personal recordings after every rehearsal, so you can hear how your progressing, correct any errors that may pop up, and keep improving each week.  My goal is to have everyone at 100% accuracy (words, notes, interpretive plan) by February 16 (the day before Sandy Marron is here).  You can do it!

My usual expectation is that everyone must attend the rehearsals prior to a performance or they will not be allowed to perform.  However, with 6 of the people gone last night, I'm going to have to set aside that rule for the Feb 2nd performance.  We need all of your voices.  But PLEASE  be there (and healthy) next week for our final pre-gig rehearsal.  And STUDY your music on those songs so they are note-perfect and KNOW the choreography - practice in front of a mirror and turn it on 100%.

Another expectation that I've not mentioned in awhile is that if you are going to miss a rehearsal or coaching session, let me and your section leader know well ahead of time.  It is just a show of respect and allows me to adjusts my rehearsal plan accordingly.

When Ryan Heller coaches us (Feb 6, Mar 6, April 3), we'll work from 6:30-9:30 so we can get every ounce of his brilliance!

On March 13th, we'll start having early choreography sessions (6:30-7:00), but you'll be receiving an updated Choreo Sheet from the Visual Team in the next few days, so be sure to practice-practice-practice.  The sooner you KNOW the visual plan, the sooner you can get back to focusing on SINGING beautifully.  You'll build muscle-memory and eventually your body will know the moves so well that you cannot sing it without the moves!  This is really important, ladies!  

We're discussing the possibility of starting an hour later on Sunday, February 17th, so watch for updates on that.  This will allow you to sleep in a little so you'll all have more energy for the work that day, and we'll go as long as possible until Sandy & Tim have to return to the airport.  This will also allow a couple of our members to participate after they've attended early church services.  We need to have ALL of your voices there in order to give our coach the real OSC sound.  Yeah!

There will be information coming out soon regarding the overnight Advance on March 10-11.  Here are the basics:  It will be at Canby Grove Conference Center and we'll have Lea Beverley (Expression Judge) coaching us.  The cost is $100 - what a great deal for overnight lodging, four meals (Sat L-D, Sun B-L), plus all the coaching, and the indescribably fun talent show on Saturday night.  I sure hope you're each working on some kind of "act" to share with all of us.  Maybe do something with your section.  A skit or lip-sync act, or play your guitar, or whatever you want (in good taste).  It's much more fun when EVERYONE participates!  Some of you may remember the "cake-decorating" of a few years ago....HA!

I'm feeling pretty honored this morning as I just received two very interesting invitations:
  • I'm going to be the judge representing Sweet Adelines International at this year's Balladtown USA in Forest Grove on March 24th.  This is a barbershop event that's been going on for 72 years, and I'm honored to be asked to judge the contest!  They are doing it quite differently this year, and I'm really looking forward it!
  • I'm going to once again host the webcast for the Region 12 Contest in May.  At this point, I can only commit to doing the quartet contest on Friday night because I'll be with my fabulous chorus on Saturday.  (If we are singing early in the lineup, I may be able to do some webcasting in the afternoon.)  This is very fun and I'm really happy to do it again!

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to OSC!  YOU make a difference in every way!

Love, Kathy
Kathy Scheel,
Jan 24, 2018, 9:31 AM