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posted Aug 8, 2018, 1:07 PM by Kathy Scheel
  • Welcome new member CARILYN ELLIS!  She is an awesome baritone, with great energy and work ethic, and she brings cooling fans on hot nights!!  Give her a big hug next time you see her!
  • We also had two returning guests:  Jenn Steinmetz and LeaAnn Bettis.  
  • The Music Team had a good meeting and I'll be sharing some of the highlights in a separate post.
  • Vocal exercises:
    • Stemple - do these every day.  
      • EEE on a F note, for as long as possible (goal 45 seconds), and as soft as possible, 2x
      • OH - on your lowest to highest note, 2x
      • OH - on your highest to lowest note, 2x
    • Breathe in a relaxed, spacious way, opening and accessing all of your resonators (every time).  
    • Big heavy sigh, resist collapse of the ribs. Feel the breath control; do this when rehearsing your music.
  • Tag:  We Are United.  Got 2 octets up to sing it and they were fabulous!
  • Costume clarification:  Linda O'Donnell will write an email to everyone to describe the plan for costumes.  
  • The attendees at recent regional educational workshop (Region 12's Oregon Days and Region 13's Area School) shared their favorite lessons learned.  Thanks to these ladies for continuing to seek education in a variety of topics:  Sasanna Botieff, Eileen Kemp, Laurie Burk, Elaine Rosenberg, Lynne Rice, Diane Watson, Norine Ask, Karlene Hancock, Cindy Meyers, and LeaAnn Bettis.  
    • SAVE THE DATE ---> JULY 20-21, 2019 - Oregon Days.
  • Reviewed and held sectionals; section leaders will follow up with a note on specific areas to work.  
    • Fun in Just One Lifetime - this came together very nicely.  Big improvement!
    • Long Ago & Far Away - this will be a lovely addition to our repertoire, so 
    • Sister Act - this was much better after sectionals, so keep working on it.  
  • Attached is How to Learn a Song Quickly, a proven method.
  • Listen closely to the learning tracks and mark your music in colored pencils to reinforce such things as:
    • Tuning
    • Phrase endings stretched
    • Vowels and diphthongs  (my = MAH-ee,  how = HAH-oo, time = TAH-eem, etc.)
    • Breaths
  • Everyone must be off the sheet music now on the new songs noted above.
    • Do self-evaluations until you reach 100% accuracy.  See my email of 8/7 for more information and the checklist. (This process is to be automatically done for every song in the repertoire.)
    • Once you feel you have achieved 100%, send a recording to your section leader (or her appointee) for an EPVI (electronic personal vocal instruction).  She will review it and provide feedback before the next rehearsal.
    • We will do an all-chorus quality control check very soon, using the STAR method.  Attached is a description of how that process works.
  • Reviewed the lyrics for "After I'm Gone"  (we should change it to "When I Was Gone").  Refer to my recording of the interpretation that is in the Music Library on this website.  Section leaders have been asked to send me a vocal recording so I can create learning tracks; however, if you know the song, send me a solo recording (no chorus in background) and I may be able to use it.
  • Performance opportunity for next year - I need to hear from EVERY member about whether you can (or cannot) perform on May 18, 2019, so we can confirm with the client.  

  • 5:45-6:45 - Sight-Reading Class for all skill levels presented by Sasanna Botieff.  Watch for an email from her with handouts in a few days.  Come and support Sasanna!
  • Introduce After I'm Gone - sing through it with sheet music, then go into sectionals for 60 minutes.  Everyone is asked to work on this song ahead of time, and bring colored pencils to mark your music.  
  • Wear name badges every week. It's especially helpful for guests so keep it handy in your chorus bag.
  • Bring your recorders to the risers for warmups, sectionals, PVIs and study your recordings during the week to make continued improvement.  
  • Bring your water bottles and a big straw next week; we'll revisit the water-bubbling method.  See this video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP7doJBVTW0  - and read the reviews/comments, too.
  • We'll rehearse the Star-Spangled Banner in preparation for the performance at the Volcanoes game on 8/21.
  • Lynne Rice will describe the Big Sister Program, similar to the Riser Buddy Program, but with a few new tweaks.  Each of you will be asked to be a Big Sister to one of our guests (hopefully lots coming on 9/18), so Lynne will be providing you with some great reminders and guidelines that will help our guests feel more at home, and therefore more inclined to return to become members!  
  • Perform Star-Spangled Banner at Volcanoes Game - see Performance Central for details.
  • Review Just the Way You Look Tonight, then 45 minutes of sectionals on all songs.

  • No chorus rehearsal scheduled, but I encourage ANYONE to get some of the other singers together for a small group session at someone's home, especially if you've missed any rehearsals this summer.  You don't need to be the section leader to organize a small gathering.  It will improve the music, as well as provide a great chance for some social fun!  This is the type of thing that high-achieving choruses do to keep the music alive!  Personal 

  • Thanks to those of you who have been attending rehearsals this summer as planned.  I truly appreciate your dedication!   We have had just 19-20 members at the two rehearsals in July and again last night, so progress has been rather slow, but I trust that everyone is keeping up to date on the music so we can keep moving forward.  We all truly miss you when you're gone - it's just not the same without you. 
  • September 18 is Sing A'Cappella - our musical open house.  This is our biggest and best membership recruitment campaign but we need all of YOU to help make it successful and grow our membership. (Note:  Every singer is a member of the Membership Team.)  Invite everyone you can think of to come and sing with us, get a voice lesson, learn a song, meet all our awesome members.  Please come early to help support the guests, meet them, introduce them (never leave a guest unattended/alone), guide them, and make them feel at home.  We'll let them know about Christmas Chorus starting in 2 weeks (see below).
    • LGTC - Let's Grow This Chorus!!
  • October 2 is Christmas Chorus kickoff, and I'll be developing the performance package soon so you'll know what songs to review.  I'll post a separate article on the schedule for the coming 3 months.
  • December 4 is our annual Christmas Show and we'll be at Chemeketa Community College.  Please volunteer to help in some way (let Elaine Rosenberg know).  We will be selling tickets and hope to fill the auditorium.  Potential $$ to pay for coaching, music, and more! 
    • Diane Watson is working on generating some performances for the Christmas Chorus and will have a list of those by kickoff in October.  
  • Coming soon ---> I will put the names of all singers into 4 envelopes (for each part) and will starting drawing those names out and you'll sing in an octet on the song of my choice, so be ready!  This will really help strengthen your confidence as a singer/performer.  (Eventually, we'll do this in quartets!)

Kathy Scheel,
Aug 8, 2018, 1:07 PM
Kathy Scheel,
Aug 8, 2018, 1:07 PM