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SUMMARY (8/21) - LOOK-AHEAD (Sept)

posted Aug 22, 2018, 9:07 AM by Kathy Scheel
SUMMARY - August 21

A lovely group of singers performed the Star-Spangled Banner at the start of the Volcanoes game last night, singing like birds in spite of the smoky air, the lack of a good sound system, and hungry tummies.  Thanks to the singers:  Toni, KarenW, Hayley, Patrice, JoAnn, Bonnie, Leah, Eileen, Diane, JudyD, Elaine, Marla, Karlene, Denise, Janet, and Cindy.

At rehearsal, we "squared-up" (facing each other) and went through the following:
  • Just the Way You Look Tonight -  Keep working on this song, especially the last few lines (from "Lovely, never, ever change..." to the end).  The jazz chords are very close (even closer than barbershop harmony) so work on getting your ear comfortable with the sound. I'd like to keep it in the repertoire, and it would be a lovely addition for our performances.  
  • Fun in Just One Lifetime -  This is coming along really nicely.  Nearly everyone is off the sheet music - thank you!!  Be sure to send your recordings to your section leaders (and section leaders, send yours to me).  
  • Long Ago & Far Away - It seems that most of you know the song, but we need to work on unity within each section and with each other.  Listen to the recording of the chorus singing this (in 2015) and really listen to how the parts flow into each other.  The recording is in the Music Library so just download it and burn a CD to work with.  This is a song that I'd really like to have Mo Field hear so she can do her "magic" on it but it's not quite ready yet - it's close, tho. It's such a beautiful love song and so very unique in its sound (and OSC is the only chorus that owns it).
  • Sister Act -  The most challenging part is getting started.   Go back to the learning tracks and burn a CD of ALL the parts and sing your part against each of them.  Leads, don't let the beginning of the song trip you up.  Everyone, pay very close attention to the how the quartet sings it, and try to match their nuances in every way (resonance, flow, breathing, relaxation, etc.). 
  • After I'm Gone -  Went thru it with the keyboard, then into sectionals, then back together, and it's coming along fairly well.  This is the top priority, so make it a goal to be 100% before 9/4.  
August 28 - We don't have an official rehearsal, but you can still get together to work on the music.  The Elks is available, so contact others in your section and see if anyone is available.    Go for it !

NOTE:  If you have missed rehearsals, I ask that you spend some time catching up before your return.

  • Sept 4 
    • Review all new songs - everyone should be 100% at this time - off the sheet music.
      • Fun in One Lifetime
      • Sister Act
      • Long Ago & Far Away
      • After I'm Gone
    • Review a few other songs that are getting rusty!  Work on them before then as we'll be performing at guest night on 9/18 and I'd love to hear the sound we had on stage in May - clean, energized, singer-driven, unified.
      • Sweet Dreams
      • All the Things You Are
      • Who's Sorry Now
      • Just the Way You Look Tonight
  • Sept 11
    • Mary Mamer, Regional Management Team, visiting OSC.  Be ready with your questions for the region.
    • Review Christmas songs - I'll provide a list in a Kathy's Korner very soon.
    • Possibly QC After I'm Gone
  • Sept 18
    • Sing A'Cappella! - Open House.  Invite as many guests as possible, and send me their names and anything you know about them.  If we grow this chorus, here are some of the positive affects:
      • More dues - pays for more things, so less fundraising projects needed
      • More sound - makes it more exciting, more dynamic, more rich
      • More help - on all the things that OSC does throughout the year, lightening the load for all of us
      • More friends - we meet the most amazing women at chorus!
    • 6:00 - voice lesson.  Come and support the guests, meet them, smile and be friendly and helpful.  Be ready to be assigned as a Big Sister/Riser Buddy.  Lynne Rice will give you more information on those expectations in a separate email.
    • We'll perform for them, so be ready to sing:
      • Who's Sorry Now
      • All the Things You Are
      • Fun in Just One Lifetime
      • Sweet Dreams -  then we'll teach it to them  
    • Guests will receive a letter to let them know the songs and schedule, especially about Christmas Chorus.
    • Judy Gobat will be sending out a note about refreshments.  
  • Sept 25
    • Guests returning, into sectionals.
    • Go through songs for the upcoming coaching session.
    • GPS - Guiding Principle Slogan, chorus brainstorming session facilitated by Elaine Rosenberg.
  • Sept 29 (Saturday) - 
    • Mo Field coaching.  We have 25 confirmed so far; need to hear from 4 of you still.  And I'll be opening this up to guests who are interested.  
    • No sure of timing yet - will check back with you when I confirm the expenses, coaching fee, share of travel costs.
      • After I'm Gone
      • All the Things You Are
      • and possibly The Way You Look Tonight or  Long Ago & Far Away (if there's time)
OCTOBER - Christmas Chorus starts.  The current plan is to have Christmas Chorus from 6:30-7:30, then OSC from 7:45-9:30.  But this may be adjusted slightly because of adding two new songs to the Christmas list.  I'll have more details on the schedule in a future Kathy's Korner so watch for that. 

  • Self-evaluations:  Listen to yourself sing and give yourself an honest score.  Once you've achieved 100%, send your recording to your section leader for review/feedback.   Start with the songs we've worked on this summer, and gradually add ALL the songs in the repertoire.  Section leaders will send your recordings to me.
  • STAR Chorus -  Everyone will bring your own sheet music, and your section leaders will listen to you sing on the risers, marking your music and reviewing it with you.  This will happen in September.