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SUMMARY (8/14) - LOOK-AHEAD (8/21)

posted Aug 15, 2018, 9:13 AM by Kathy Scheel
SUMMARY - 8/14

Here's what we did tonight:
  • Sasanna Botieff presented a class on sight-reading, using the solfiege approach.  It was well done and very interesting.  She will continue to present regular 10-minute vocal skills sessions starting in September.  We are so fortunate to have this incredibly talented woman in our chorus!
  • Lots of people returned to chorus last night after some time away - it was great to see:
    • Janet Owen
    • Bonnie Flatt
    • Hayley Bault
    • Toni Roush
    • Marilyn Ellis
  • Reviewed:
    • Who's Sorry Now -  it's gotten pretty rusty; work it into your own rehearsals to bring it back to a high level.
    • All the Things You Are - nice job on this one.
  • Reviewed - these song were to be off the sheet music last night.  Do whatever it takes to make this happen.
    • Fun in Just One Lifetime - check notes leading into the tag
    • Forgotten Dreams/Long Ago & Far Away -  needs individual work on notes and flow.  
    • Sister Act - it's coming along
  • Self-Evaluations are underway for everyone to achieve 100% accuracy on all songs.  Each singer is responsible for achieving this standard of musical excellence and the whole chorus benefits when you set aside time to work on your material with a goal of awesomeness!
  • Water bubbling -  Do some bubbling at least 2-3 times each week and watch how your breath management will become stronger and more automatic.
    • Straw about 1-2 inches into the water, gently blow bubbles with a consistent airflow.
    • Next, humm a note into the straw/water.
    • Next, do a glide up and down into the straw/water.
    • Feel your abdominal core engage.
  • Stemple exercises - for the 15 muscles surrounding the vocal tract.
    • Sing EEE on an F note, as softly as possible, as long as possible - goal 45 seconds.  Repeat.
    • Sing OHH from your lowest to highest note, as softly as possible. Repeat.
    • Sing OHH from your highest to lowest note, as softly as possible.  Repeat
    • Do this daily and watch it improve and strengthen your vocal control.
  • After I'm Gone
    • Updated sheet music is in music library; be sure to print your own copy so you've got the latest version.
    • Reviewed rhythms / word flow.  Study the rhythmic delivery that's in the music library and was emailed to everyone about 2 weeks ago.  Follow along on your music and mark it up as you listen to the rhythms/lyrics and really internalize them.  
    • Section rehearsals for 45 minutes - addressing problem areas and tuning.
    • Sang through the song a couple of times together - it's going to be a really dynamite song as soon as every member is off the sheet music. This should happen very soon.
    • Thanks to those who did your home and make good progress; everyone needs to set aside an hour of focused time to learn this song!
  • Star-Spangled Banner
    • Reviewed for next Tuesday's performance at the Volcanoes game.  
    • See information on Performance Central regarding the performance.
    • Rehearse this song so it's perfect - resonance, vowels, balance, etc.  
  • Continue to actively participate in your self-evaluations.  We will begin all-chorus quality control checks soon so be you're ready to sing at 100% accuracy!  Incorporate all of your best singing skills - spacious breath, pure target vowels, energized diphthongs, extended phrase endings, dynamic contrast, breath pattern, rhythms.  Everything!   Send your recordings to your section leader to be sure you're spot-on!

LOOK-AHEAD (8/21 and beyond)
  • August 21 
    • Perform at Volcanoes game in Keizer
    • Review Just the Way You Look Tonight
    • Sectionals on After I'm Gone
    • Polish to perfection:
      • Fun in Just One Lifetime
      • Forgotten Dreams/Long Ago & Far Away
      • Sister Act
  • August 28
    • No chorus rehearsal scheduled, but this is an excellent opportunity for you to get together with other singers (your own part, or a mix of parts) to work on your music.  Be proactive and make it happen.
  • Sept 4
    • Review repertoire songs (watch Kathy's Korner for specific plan)
    • Introduce Time After Time (2019 contest ballad) 
    • Review new songs that were taught in June/July/August 
      • If you've been gone this summer, do homework so you're caught up.
  • Sept 11
    • Mary Mamer, Regional Management Team representative (Regional Events Coordinator) visit OSC.  Have questions ready?
    • Brief review of Christmas songs - watch Kathy's Korner for a list soon)
    • Sweet Dreams - review so it's ready for next week's open house (with choreography)
  • Sept 18
    • Sing A'Cappella - our musical open house!  We hope to have a large group of ladies, and YOU are the number one source for letting them know about Oregon Spirit Chorus.  Salem is a huge community and the only reason OSC doesn't don't have a chorus of 60-70 members is because they DON'T KNOW ABOUT US!  So go out and spread the word and let's grow this chorus this year!
      • Go to Facebook and share our event with as many of your female friends as possible.  Do it each week so it always appears at the top of their news feed.
      • Go to Meetup and write a note about the event.  
      • Send the video and flyer to lots of people.
      • Visit places where women congregate - exercise clubs, coffee shops, wineries, etc. and bring some of the flyers that Diane Watson has created.  YOU are such an important part of the Membership & Marketing team.
      • Have an "elevator" speech ready for anyone you may meet.  Something like, "Do you sing?  You should come and visit the chorus I'm in!  (enthusiastically!!) We sing a'cappela harmony and we're having a really fun open house on September 18th.  If you haven't sung in a few year, it's okay - you'll get a group voice lesson and learn a song with lots of other visitors that night. I can send you some information about it if you'll give me your name and email."   
      • Send your names (and email addresses) to me and Lynne Rice.  We'd like to know how many to expect so we've got plenty of handouts and music ready.
    • OSC members are asked to come to the group voice lesson to provide friendly support to the guests.  They are likely to be nervous on their first night, and your presence will be a comfort to them.  Lynne Rice will be providing some reminders about being a good riser buddy/big sister to these guests, and one of the important tips is to never leave a new person alone; be a good friend. 
We'll have Christmas Chorus kickoff on October 2.  More on that soon!