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SUMMARY (6/26)

posted Jun 27, 2018, 10:28 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jun 29, 2018, 11:41 AM ]
We were small but mighty!!  We had just 21 at rehearsal last night and we sure missed those of you who couldn't make it, but we did some great things with the smaller, more intimate group, and made awesome music together!  Here's a recap of what was covered:
  • Reinforcing vocal skills
  • Video for friend (Donna Lou Morgan)
  • Chorus chat
  • Parody lyrics
  • Reviewing and improving trouble spots in songs
  • Every time you breathe, be aware of gently lowering your larynx to make more resonating space.
  • As you sing a phrase, resist collapse of the ribcage, which should always be high & wide.
  • Do the Stemple exercises at least 2X daily (see earlier Kathy's Korner for instructions)
  • Sing from the core of your body to add more support and stability to your sound.  Do this frequently as you practice, until you're able to get that same support when you stand tall and proud.
  • Bubble a note, change to MM, and then open to a vowel, checking to be sure you are maintaining the same air pressure and vocal placement in all three elements.
  • Place a tic-tac (or lifesaver, or altoid, or...) between your molars and sing a few phrases, with just enough pressure to hold it in place but not crush it.   Observe the improvement in tuning, forward motion, space in the back of the throat, and blended sound when singing with others.
  • Sing kee-kee-ee-ee (very tall inside) and notice that the back of the tongue flicks up against the soft palate.  This is a great exercise to access a resonated sound.
  • Check to be sure your soft palate is gently raised while singing a note or phrase, but just reaching up and plugging your nose.  If the sound changes, simply lift your soft palate (don't overdo it) until you hear the sound change to be more resonant, tension-free, and spacious.  It will usually also solve tuning issues, especially on higher notes (leads and tenors).
  • The more you do these exercises, the more they will become automatic, bringing your singing to a higher level (and the whole chorus will benefit from that)!!
  • Donna Lou went to Hawaii with the chorus in December 2016, driving up from San Jose, CA (with friend Nancy Auld) and she's had serious health issues for the past year.  So the chorus sent her a video (on Facebook) of us singing the We Are United tag, with a change of lyrics:
  • "(As one) we love you, Donna.  (We send) we send a song.  We send you our song!"
  • Here's the link to the video:  https://youtu.be/kmuuEWP8tJ4
  • See my email of this morning regarding our chorus trip.  
  • Send me your ideas - some that have been mentioned are:  Washington DC/New York (possibly Carnegie Hall), a cruise, a train trip, Victoria BC.  
  • Also send me a note if you really are not interested in taking a trip with the chorus.  
  • See my email from last night to see the lyrics to "After I'm Gone".  Review them and get familiar; after we've learned the song, there may be a few tweaks.
  • I'll send you a recording of the rhythm and will start working on learning tracks.  If anyone is available to help me (quick learners/sight readers), send me a note and we'll find a date/time.  I'm aiming to have this done by mid-July so you can all work on it and learn it by August 7th.
  • Start thinking PROPS!  It's filled with fun possibilities!
  • All the Way - used the tic-tacs to maintain the tonal center and energy required to keep it in tune.  Worked on dynamics (start softer, and let it grow where needed), finesse, quick/emotional breaths, encouraged more visual/body involvement.  Don't be afraid to move - it has a positive affect on your sound (and is much more interesting for the audience).
  • Can't Buy Me Love - great job on correcting that middle section!  Worked on keeping the tempo steady, making sure harmony parts are doing the rhythms properly (push beats in intro), extended phrase endings (this applies to every song we sing), reviewed choreography.
  • All the Things You Are - same work as we did on All the Way, tic-tacs, tonal center, dynamics, quicker emotional breaths, facial/body expression.
  • Somebody to Love - had a quick sectional meeting to solidify the visual plan for each group (if you missed last night, check with your section to see what was decided), worked on singing a less strident, warmer, more relaxed sound (not frantic), and everyone is doing a great job of listening to the other sections.  Please sing your part along with all the other parts so you are even more aware of what everyone else is doing and how YOUR parts fits into the sing.  
  • Sweet Dreams - slight change in the choreo with palms facing outward (instead of towards your face).  Watch for cue sheets from Karlene today.  
  • Consider Yourself -  it's very close, so just put a little more time into this and KNOW it by next week.
  • Star-Spangled Banner - made a lead track (leads - see the recording I sent you via email)
  • July 3 rehearsal is just for those performing on July 7.  If any of you baritones (who know all the songs) find that you are available, we would love to have you.  We've got 21 singers and it's going to be a great performance, with 200 women (potential singers!!)!!  We'll rehearse from 7:00-9:00 so please be there the full time; we need every voice.  We'll go thru the whole package, including staging/choreography/MC work/pitches.  Performing is our whole reason for rehearsing - I can't wait to show those women who we are (and present them with the idea of coming to be a part of OSC).
  • The leaders of Region 12 understand that going to AIM in Sacramento is difficult for many singers from Oregon, so they are bringing the education to us with Oregon Days!  OSC's presence at this workshop demonstrates that we care about furthering our knowledge and skills, and that we want to be a part of our region's activities.  I hope that you are registered, making carpool plans, finding roommates, and talking it up with each other.  It's every bit as fun as the regional convention, and packed with a variety classes.  Check out the schedule on the R12 website.  Some of you asked about the switch of having LAW School on Saturday and Area School on Sunday.  The reason was because the LAW School "Dean" (Susan Zarchy) has to fly out of town early and it's important that she be at "her" event.  We hope this doesn't affect attendance and are hoping for another large group at the beautiful Village Green Resort next month.  [Hint:  The sooner you register, the sooner you can get started with the workshop song, "My Romance".].  The reason we are taking the following Tuesday off is because we anticipate MOST OSC members will attend this workshop.