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SUMMARY 3/6/18

posted Mar 7, 2018, 9:04 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Mar 7, 2018, 10:45 AM ]
A reminder of the main things we learned from Sandy Marron is helping the overall blend of the chorus sound and I'm hearing the effects as you transfer those skills to the other songs in our repertoire.  The videos of her sessions are really great resources to help remember Sandy's valuable lessons so take time to review them 1-2 at a time.  Make your own notes and do the homework as you continue to build your skills!  As you know, anything worthwhile takes work and many repetitions to make a new habit.  

We reviewed some of the songs that we'll be performing at the Pre-Contest Send-Off on April 24th.  More information about the show lineup will be posted on Performance Central in a few weeks but you should be including these songs in your own practice sessions (with the choreography and showmanship, of course) so you are totally prepared and confident   
  • Happy Together - We've got a fun new standing arrangement (see video) with the Baritones and Leads in wedges at the ends of the risers; Basses along the top, and Tenors in the middle of the 2nd row.  We worked on choreography and most of you have a good handle on the basic plan but I'd love it if you'd also inform your face that you enjoy singing and this song is about being HAPPY together!  Magic happened when you anticipated the ictus as it created powerful forward motion and helped to drive that tempo with lots of energy!
  • And So it Goes - stay in the same standing arrangement (for now). If you sing Tenor (soprano) on this song, move to the center section with the Tenors.  It's a VERY gentle song with a special message that requires lots of meaningful facial expressions throughout.  Watch yourself in the mirror and see if your expression is telling the story.
  • All the Way - move into regular chorus position and rehearse this with the straw between your molars.  This will help keep your jaw from dropping and will also keep the song in tune!  This is still a powerful song for OSC.
  • Can't Buy Me Love - We didn't review this last night so you'll need to rehearse it on your own, with choreography and shining eyes.  A few places need some extra work such as: 
    • m51-54 ("nowadays money's on everybody's mind...") - needs to be totally accurate, so practice it slowly to get the notes perfect and then gradually speed it up so you can do it at the regular tempo.  
    • m66-67 - the key change needs to be sung with intention into the new key
    • m71-72 - the chromatics should be totally accurate.  Sing it slow and perfect, then speed it up gradually so you can keep that accuracy at the regular tempo.
  • Sweet Dreams - We will be getting new choreography on this soon, and we will sing it in sections.  Great job in keeping that tempo.  Attached is a recording from last night.
  • Somebody to Love - I've challenged each section to come up with 2-3 fun moves for this song.  The Baritones already have a few that are really fun and spunky, and I could see each of you creating things last night - go for it!  Maybe get your section together during lunch or dinner this weekend to brainstorm some more.
We reviewed the contest set as well as the choreography plan for the contest uptune, making a few minor updates so be sure to watch the video to catch those, and we'll solidify it more on Sunday.  Keep reminding yourself to use your best vocal skills - every breath is an opportunity to make your voice more beautiful!  If you have not yet achieved 100% (or at least 95%) on both songs, be sure to send your recording to your section leader today.
  • Who's Sorry Now - As you rehearse it, maintain the tempo that is set by lifting the ends of every  phrase and taking quick/energized breaths.  Anticipating the ictus will really help on this, so we'll continue using that reminder, and you can also use a metronome to train yourself to keep it steady all the way thru the song.  Smaller mouth postures are helping with tuning and blend, so keep up the good work here!  And show that spirited attitude all through the song as you demonstrate the fun attitude of the character.  
  • All the Things You Are - The artistry is starting to emerge on this lovely ballad (that's a B+ skill), but it's not yet consistent (the more you maintain consistency in any of the four judging categories, the higher the score), so keep working on it and it will come! Read the lyrics and think about the emotions as you deliver the message.  Is your body language moving in a meaningful way?  Are you allowing your body to stay buoyant? Are your eyes happy and smiling with the love that's expressed?  These things will affect your voice in a positive way, so use every tool available to enhance the audience's experience. 
At the end of rehearsal, I asked the question "Why do you love OSC?" and it was so heartwarming to hear your responses such as:
  • Everyone loves everyone!
  • The members are so open-hearted!
  • The songs we sing!
  • The performance opportunities (like Valegrams).
  • The learning experience! 
I hope you'll add your own comments at the bottom of this Kathy's Korner article to let all of us know why you love OSC.  

Lynne Rice, Advance Chair, reminded everyone to print your Advance Booklet (in a previous Kathy's Korner) so you'll know what to pack, and what to expect this coming weekend.  Be there at 8:00AM so you can get your stuff into your room, get settled, and be ready to start promptly at 9:00AM in the Tabernacle.  I sure hope to see lots of participation in the Talent Show - it's one of the highlights of the weekend!  And, of course, we'll play our traditional "I love everyone who...." game which is a hoot!  

We also spoke the poetry of "How We Sang Today" as a reminder of why we are together:  

Tomorrow's another day.  I hope and pray we'll be together.  
Tomorrow, this today will be a yesterday that's gone forever.  
So take my hand, my friend, I want to say - I'm glad we love and loved and sang together today.  
So take my hand, I want to say - I'm glad we laughedI'm glad we loved.  I'm glad we sang - oh, how we sang today.  
How we sang today!

You are each a blessing to me!  Take care - get/stay healthy and strong - build your stamina a little more each day so you can sing joyfully and with full energy all weekend!  I can't wait!!!

Love, Kathy

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Kathy Scheel,
Mar 7, 2018, 9:10 AM