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SUMMARY (3/20/18), etc.

posted Mar 21, 2018, 10:40 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Mar 21, 2018, 5:16 PM ]
It was another great night of progress and it was terrific to have Judy Dixon back on the risers with us!  We missed Hayley Bault and Karlene Hancock and hope they're both feeling lots better today - it's no fun being sick!  We also missed Judy Gobat, who's on vacation.  But we also welcomed three guests:  Anna Rose-Rogers, Kourtney Brady, and Shelly Shores - keep 'em coming.

Here are a few of the things we worked on last night:
  • ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE:  Some lovely things are happening on this song!  I encourage you to dig even deeper into the meaning!  See my "target emotions" below and practice in front of a mirror to see if your face is reflecting what is in your heart. 
    • Add air / space on every held note for every song
    • m5 - lift "for" just a bit before moving to "I", as if asking the question (what did I long for?), then pausing before delivering the answer (I never really knew) 
    • m9 - "finding yoor love" needs to be sung much softer (but with lots of support so it's not breathy and weak)
    • m14 - "all of this world" a bit more deliberate, not quite as quick, then hold "world" longer before the harmony parts cut off and the leads sing "is love"
    • m15 - remember to sing "yoor love".  These chords are still somewhat of a tuning challenge, so I'm looking at those chords to see if there is a simple solution so we won't need to spend so much time on that part of the song.
    • m25 - hold and lift "Oh" just a bit, before moving on to "you are...."
    • m37 - "dearest things I know" needs to be very soft and intimate, caress it.
    • Target emotions for each phrase are:
      • Time and again - LONGING
      • Something to make - ANTICIPATION
      • What did I long for - HOPEFUL
      • Find your love - OPTIMISTIC
      • Touching your hand - EAGER
      • All that I want - YEARNING
      • Is love (yoor love) - LOVING
      • You are - JOY
      • Oh, you -  DREAMY
      • that trembles - EXCITED
      • you are the angel glow - GLOWING
      • dearest things - INTIMATE
      • Someday, someday - CONFIDENT AND HAPPY
      • and someday! - FULFILLED
      • I'll know that moment - EAGER
      • are mine - PASSION!!
  • WHO'S SORRY NOW:  The character is really starting to emerge more each week.  Work on adding even more sass to your performance as you work on your visual presentation.  Go beyond your comfort zone and become an actress - what fun!
    • Tempo -  Download a free metronome app and set it at 120 beats per minute and practice keeping up with it, stretching each phrase to the very end, then taking a quick, energized breath that will help maintain the tempo throughout the song.
    • m8 - "but" is a sung note (not a spoken word)
    • m8 - "the tables are turnin" should start soft but intense, then build pretty quickly
    • m65-end - more tenor, much less lead until "na-na-na-na-na-na-now" - then pour it on for the tag.
    • Choreography - Cat West is leading choreo rehearsals from 6:30-7:00 each week.  And Darlene Manning is providing videos for you to study.  It's all coming together nicely but your individual homework (in front of mirrors) will really help!
    • Kathy Smith (Smitty) is organizing a special front row rehearsal at a facility with full-length mirrors soon.  Watch for an email about that soon.
    • Sectionals (plus duets & trios) on this next week - need to firm up some areas.  Do some individual homework ahead of time.
    • Create some quick/easy choreo moves to enhance the places where your section is featured - you know where they are - have fun with this and do it soon so you can remember it for our April 24th show.
    • Sing your part with the learning tracks for the OTHER parts to build more awareness of the whole arrangement and where you part fits in.  Turn up the volume and use your entire beautiful voice as you rock out in your living room!
    • Amy Amato is doing a great job on the solo - go, Amy!
    • Tempo is the main challenge here so practice with your metronome set at 137 bpm.  Hold phrases all the way to the end and take quick, energized, rhythmic breaths.  Train your body to sing at this tempo - it's fun!
    • Strive for pure target vowels - especially on OO (doo-doo, you), and AHee (life), and AH (bah-bah-bah)
    • Staging - I'll send out a riser chart for this so watch your emails for that.
    • Choreography - practice with the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Y2_1TRmBM&feature=youtu.be
    • I'd like to try singing this 1/2 step higher so that baritones and basses can sing their low notes a bit easier.  We currently sing it in the key of D, but go ahead and practice it in the key of E-flat.
    • For interpretation, here is a recording of the chorus singing it a few years ago - there are just a few very minor updates since this recording:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0BUJgD4eT5EZFFaSGFCdWMxYTA
  • Karlene Hancock wants your Secret Sister sheets today.  Send her your info (if you do not have scanning capability, go ahead and just send her an email with all the info requested) - karlene.hancock@oregonspirit.org 
  • Baritones had a special session with Elizabeth Keller last night!  Way to go, baris!  Hope all the other sections will do the same thing with a local specialist, too, or ask Elizabeth to help again.  She's terrific - got a great ear, excellent vocal and BBS skills.  Go for it!  
  • Be sure to sign up for everything contest-related (registration, photos, lodging, etc.).  You should be receiving emails about all this, so if you have questions, contact OSC's Competition Coordinator, Norine Ask.
  • Everyone is automatically invited to come to the afterglow following every rehearsal.  Come to Denny's (on Hawthorne, just across from Costco).  Last night, there were 9 of us making lots of noise laughing and having a great time together.
  • We'll be posting information about the Region 12 competition webcast as soon as we get the schedule and will know what time OSC will be on stage.  
  • Dates to note:  The OSC calendar has been updated so be sure to check it and share with your significant others.  Here are a few recent additions:
    • August 18 - OSC Garage Sale at Diane Watson's home in McNary Estates, Keizer.  Start setting aside things for sale and put the date on your calendar to help setup on Friday (8/17) and work shifts on Saturday (8/18), and cleanup at the end of the day.  There will be nothing remaining at Diane's lovely home.
    • August 24-25 - OSC Beach weekend.  Eileen Kemp is organizing this so if you're interested in coming, contact her at:  eileen.kemp@oregonspirit.org