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posted Feb 20, 2019, 6:43 AM by Kathy Scheel
There were so many interesting things happening at chorus this week:
  • Show Meeting - Karen Wildman led our first meeting to talk about the December 7th show and there were about 12 people present.  Watch for an email from her with more information, as well as an opportunity to select a name for the show that is fresh and new.  Even though the show is in December, it's not just about the holidays; in fact, since it's also Pearl Harbor Day we'll be doing a couple of patriotic numbers.  If you'd like a sneak peak of the fabulous LoveNotes quartet (2014 International Quartet Champions - "Queens of Harmony") there are some great videos of them on youtube.  And you'll also get to see them up close and personal in Reno.  Here's one their most popular songs:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5rXQu9Flcc  
  • Valegrams - We heard some great stories from the groups who sang Valegrams, and Janice LaCombe shared that we made a profit of about $250 on this fundraiser.  
  • Reno ExpensesElaine Rosenberg led a discussion about the various options for OSC in Reno.  On Saturday (chorus contest day), we'll have a chorus breakfast that will include presentations and other fun activities to start our big day together, and that evening we'll have a dinner where I'll share the judges' scoresheets, we'll enjoy the entertainment from the many quartets who will stop to sing 1-2 songs (likely including the LoveNotes), and then dancing at the afterglow.  Members will receive an invoice in the agreed-upon amounts.  Elaine reminded everyone that the OSC Angel Fund is available to help any member with non-dues expenses such as Advance or Contest.  If you'd like a loan, see Finance Manager Cindy Meyers (all requests are kept confidential).
  • Anniversaries:  We will celebrate anniversaries on the first Tuesday of each month.  Last night, we recognized the following:
    • 7 years - Eileen Kemp.  Eileen is also celebrating her 40th year in Sweet Adelines this month!  CONGRATULATIONS!!
    • 9 years - Laurie Burk
    • 9 years - Toni Roush
    • 10 years - Kathy Smith
  • It was fun to share lots of the positive comments about our performance last Saturday in Canby, including our innovative staging and lighting.  It was great to show the audience some of our "spirit" and they thoroughly enjoyed our package.  Plus it was a good opportunity to go out and hone those performance skills!  Great job, ladies!!
  • I'll Be Seeing You  
    • OO vowels need to be kept a bit more open and forward, not swallowed
    • Basses and tenors have a lot of the tonic note (B-flat) so work on maintaining that key throughout the song, especially the first chord after the intro, on "I'll".  Use a keyboard or PanoTuner app to train yourself.  
      Support phrase endings to sustain the sound
    • Move through phrases more naturally - speak them and then sing them with the same connection & flow
    • More "L" sound on "Lovely" and "Light"
    • "I'll" is always pronounced as AH-eel
    • It's really coming along nicely and we'll continue to add more artistry and finesse.  Record yourself and keep making it better and better each week.
  • After I'm Gone
    • Smoother phrases, more emphases on vowels (cannot ring chords on consonants so we want to minimize those).  Record yourself to check yourself on this.
    • The tempo is set on the breath at the end of the intro - will continue to work on unifying that.
    • Work on the visual plan so it becomes a part of your "muscle memory" and you'll have an easier time focusing on the vocal work.
    • Breaths must all be in the tempo of the song, very quick and energized.
    • The words "sinK" and "pinK" should have a hard K sound, followed by a VERY quick breath to maintain tempo.  Practice this several times before next Tuesday.  
    • Blend, blend, blend.
  • General notes:
    • We are in an excellent place on the two contest songs!  Thanks to everyone for the work you're doing to bring your very best self to rehearsals!  To quote a recent post on Facebook, "You practice for rehearsal, not during rehearsal."  Keep up the great work!
      Everyone is doing a good job and most of you have achieved 100% accuracy on notes and words.  YAY!  That's awesome!!  Now you can add all the wonderful things that enhance every song such as:
      • Pure/instant target vowels (EH, EE, AH, OH, OO)
      • Fully support phrase endings (especially soft passages)
      • Wide range of dynamics 
      • Smoother phrase flow - always
    • The riser chart will be adjusted to optimize the proper balance of the cone-shaped sound for barbershop.  
      • Baritones, mark your music where you are above the leads, and lighten your sound in those places.
      • Leads, mark your music where you are below the baritones, and bring those forward. 

Song Priorities:  Our next big performance is May 18th for the Willamette GirlChoir's (WGC) pops concert and we'll be working on a set similar to the one we performed last Saturday. Here are the songs we're planning to do:
  • OSC 
    • Happy Together (with choreography
    • Sweet Dreams (with lighted gloves)
    • Somebody to Love (with sections rockin' out)
    • And So it Goes 
    • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (some choreography)
    • After I'm Gone
    • I'll Be Seeing You
    • Can't Buy Me Love  (maybe)
  • OSC + WGC
    • Fun in Just One Lifetime (a few OSC sing Part 1 with the girls)
    • Harmonize the World / We're the Future of the World
I received the sheet music for "Change the World" and will distribute it soon.  

NEXT WEEK (2/29)
  • 5:30 - Music team meeting
  • 6:30 - Choreography review
  • 7:00 - Announcements and fun stuff
  • 7:20 - Review songs
    • Can't Buy Me Love
    • Happy Birthday
    • The Parting Glass  (listen to the lovely Martini version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9DE6GEjuMM)
    • Somebody to Love
    • I'll be Seeing You 
    • After I'm Gone