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SUMMARY 11/20 - PLAN 11/27

posted Nov 21, 2018, 5:51 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Nov 21, 2018, 6:34 AM ]
Lots of things are happening at OSC!  WOW, what a busy night!   We started with a Show Team meeting at 5;00, where Karen Wildman and Norine Ask addressed the final details as we head into the home stretch.  Now it's time for EVERY SINGER (including guests) to help make the show a successful event from every aspect, such as:
  • KNOW your music thoroughly, especially starting pitches.  The information posted in Kathy's Korner 11/13 has the pitches and reminders for each song.  Review every song this week.  Here's the link to that post:
    • http://members.oregonspirit.org/kathy/summary1113--plan1120 
  • HELP with the various fundraising efforts (this includes guests who are just singing in the Christmas Chorus).  Every time we make money for the chorus, it means less out-of-pocket expenses for such things as Advance weekend, Contest expenses (lodging, travel, food), and helps meet the budget for coaching, music, learning tracks, and more.  It takes money to operate a chorus and your help is sincerely appreciated.
  • SELL tickets!  The show is also on Facebook so refresh it several times each week so it stays at the top of people's news feed/timeline.  Send out an email to remind your friends about the show.  Turn in your unsold tickets and ticket money to Eileen Kemp next week at 6:00 so we can get started singing right at 6:30.
  • SELL program ads and send the information to Carilyn.Ellis@oregonspirit.org.  We'd love to fill the auditorium with future singers, so visit places where you'll find women such as exercise facilities, hair or nail salons, wine shops, etc.  
  • Get gift cards donated for the Christmas Gift Tree.  Visit businesses (with the flyer) and ask them to donate a gift card and they will get a mention in the program, as well as a new customer (whoever buys the gift card) who is likely to spend additional money in their store.  Spend just 1 hour visiting some local businesses and you'll help pay for expenses on the show, so that all tickets sold are pure profit for OSC. Send a note to Karen Wildman and then turn in your gift cards to her to put on the tree.
  • SELL quilt raffle tickets -  This fundraising project has the potential to make lots of profit because the quilt was donated to the chorus by Cindy Meyers and Linda O'Donnell.  It cost them several hundred dollar$ to create it, and we are woefully behind in selling tickets.  So everyone's help is needed for the next few weeks.  The easiest way is to keep it fresh on Facebook.  It's most effective if you continue to "share" the information repeatedly so it appears at the top of the news feed/timeline for your Facebook friends.  If you did it once, it is now buried many 'pages' down and likely forgotten.  
  • HELP NEEDED - If you know non-members who can help with the various activities in the lobby, send a note to co-chairs Norine.Ask@oregonspirit.org and Karen.Wildman@oregonspirit.org so they can check that off their to-do list.  As of last night, we still need the following:
    • 2 people to collect/sell tickets at the door, 
    • 1 person to watch the Christmas Gift Tree, and 
    • 1 person to be Stage Manager who can help keep things moving backstage.
    • 1-2 people to watch the cookie/water sales before the show and during intermission.
I will send out a schedule for the day of December 4th in an email, so watch for that important information.

PLAN - 11/27

We have just one rehearsal left to get the songs performance-ready, so EVERYONE needs to be at this rehearsal.  We will go til at least 8:30 so plan accordingly.  We'll go through the entire program to make sure you are fully prepared for our show and all the performances in December, including riser positions, taking pitches, etc.  

  • I'll Be Seeing You - I sent an email with the sheet music and some instructions so please review that email, mark your music, and bring it next week so we can review those changes together.
  • After I'm Gone - I got a couple more edits last night and will be updating the sheet music and reposting in the Music Library so check back in a couple of days and see if there's a newer version for you to print your own copy (it will have a new date on it).  It's VERY important that you always have the latest version so that when we are working on a song, we are all working from literally the same page.
  • Homework - Make time during the month of December to keep the songs fresh so we don't backslide and can keep moving forward into January.  We will also start refreshing some previous songs in preparation for the Pops concert in May with the Willamette GirlChoir.  
  • Membership Growth - January 8 and 15 we are having a membership recruitment campaign, and Diane Watson will be sending you a flyer to share with potential singers.  Growing this chorus has been a goal every year, so let's make 2019 the year that it happens.  
  • Calendar - Make sure you have all of the chorus dates on your calendar and try very hard not to schedule anything else on coaching weekends.  Every voice is needed in order to work on tuning, blend, balance, showmanship, and all the elements of performing in an ensemble.  The dates are all on the chorus calendar here on this website.
  • Performance - We have a potential performance with the men's barbershop chorus in Canby in February (date not certain yet).  I just got information about it last night from one of the men and will be phoning their contact to find out more.  
  • Valegrams - Looking ahead, we have another fun and musical project coming up - Valegrams!  Go ahead and start putting your group together in December so you can practice those easy songs, then you'll take the day off work on Valentine's Day and go all over the area singing to people whose loved ones have purchased a Valegram.  You'll be getting more information on this soon, but I guarantee that you'll have a fabulous time doing these, and it's a easy/musical way to earn money for the chorus.   Again, the more successful our fundraising projects are, the more possible it will be for OSC to help subsidize some of each member's expenses for such things as Advance (March) and Contest (May).  It will also make it possible to continue our musical program of excellent coaching!