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SUMMARY 10/9 - PLAN 10/16

posted Oct 9, 2018, 11:20 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Oct 10, 2018, 12:32 PM ]

We welcomed lots of guests tonight:  Paula Burgess (lead), Sharon Dodge (lead), Kathi Schie (lead), Kathy Sandstrom (lead), Angela Beckman (baritone) , Elaine Mishey (baritone), plus first-timers Tammy Flora (bass), and Theresa Helfing (lead), and two visitors from the Sea Breeze Harmony Chorus.  

Some important announcements were made:
  • SPIRITED SISTER BOA:  Leah Law presented the boa to Cindy Meyers for all the work she does on behalf of the chorus.  Not only on the costumes, but also on the financial reporting and, of course, her wonderful sense of humor! 
  • PERFORMANCESDiane Watson showed a clipboard with the performances on it and asked everyone to check all dates.  Emails have been sent and I still need some of you to respond before we can confirm with the clients.
  • COSTUMESDenise Taylor informed everyone that we have made enough profit from our successful fundraising projects to pay for the costumes (about $50 each).  Good job, everyone!  The management team will present an idea for funding future costume expenditures.
  • SHOWKaren Wildman presented an overview of the Holiday Harmony Show (Dec 4).  See Performance Central on this website for information that will be updated regularly.  Karen will be sending an email to let everyone know where help is needed.
  • COACHING:  Sandy Marron is scheduled to coach us Sat, Nov 17 (9:00-4:00) and Sunday, Nov 18 (9:00-1:00).  More details to come but this is a VERY important date and everyone is expected to attend and participate.  You must know the two contest songs:  After I'm Gone, and All the Things You Are.
  • VIDEOGRAPHER:  I need someone to videotape weekly rehearsals starting in Jan-Feb.  Let me know if you have a camera/tripod, and if you can video us, load the video to youtube, and send everyone the link so we can review it each week before the next rehearsal.  It's a great way to get up to date if you missed a rehearsal, and also to remind yourself of what we worked on if you were there!
  • WORKSHEETS:  I sent out a worksheet entitled, "You Are in Charge of You" and would like everyone to send me your responses by Sunday night so I can review them and prepare for next week's rehearsal.  I've received 13 so far - and they are wonderful!  
  • VOCAL COACHING:  Send me a note if you are interested in participating in vocal coaching.  I will need to use someone's home in Salem (or you could come up to my place in Aurora, just a 20-25 minute drive from Salem).  This will be an opportunity to polish the Christmas songs - tuning, vowels, resonance, etc.  Anyone is welcome! It is free, but I would like to suggest that you can make a donation to the OSC Angel Fund. This is a place that members (only) can borrow for non-dues expenses.  The Angel Fund Policy is on this website under Resources / New Member Resources.
I presented the first of weekly 10-minute educational classes, The Road to B+.   Tonight class was about the standard that we all strive for in singing barbershop harmony:  the judging criteria.  Attached is a document that lists all the things that each judge seeks in a performance.  These are the same things that audiences want to hear/see every time we perform.  Print the sheet up and study the criteria.  You'll immediately see that there are three factors that are shown in every category:  Vocal Skills, Energy, and Unity/Synchronization.  So we will continue to work on these skills each week.

Here are some suggestions for when you rehearse at home:
  • Incorporate energy and showmanship into each and every song, every time.  Make this become a habit so that you are always "on".  This energy will spread to everyone around you when you are at chorus.  
  • Watch yourself in the mirror and see if you are demonstrating a connection to the lyrical / emotional message.  Are you eyes changing expressions?  Is your body language natural and fluid?  Are you anticipating each new emotion for the next phrase and conveying that change with your facial expressions?
  • Video yourself (prop up your smart phone and do a video) singing one song.  Review it with NO SOUND.  This will show you what you can work on visually.  Now watch it again with the sound turned up (usually best with headphones), as you study the judging criteria.  See if you are singing with resonance, tuning each word, using smooth phrase flow, owning the interpretive/breathing plan, and all the other factors.  \
  • Celebrate your successes!  There is always something to work on, but don't forget to pat yourself on the back for the many things you are doing well.  Track your progress on the self-evaluation sheet.
  • Mary, Did You Know?  - Great job in learning this one!  It's going to be so beautiful when it's memorized.  The piano tracks are correct so I recommend using them as much as possible to learn the interpretive plan.  The vocal tracks are slightly different but give you the general idea of how the sound sounds.
  • Oh, Holy Night - Good progress on this one.  It's a familiar song so it makes it easier to learn. 
  • Joy to the World - Another familiar song so it will come together pretty quickly.
  • Guests are welcome/encouraged to stay and learn the regular repertoire with OSC.  We are looking for more singers to join us on the risers!

  • After I'm Gone - Worked on unity (one of the major factors in ringing chords).  Speaking a few phrases in tempo/rhythm and getting it totally in sync, then doing those phrases with one unison note, then with one chord, then the regular chords - that really cleaned up a lot of sync issues.  If you have a sectional, this is a great technique!
  • All the Things You Are - Worked on unity again.  When you have a low passage, try singing it in the forward part of the facial mask, while not losing the back space resonance.  
  • Somebody to Love - It was fun to hear this one, and it won't take much work at all to get it performance-ready again. Nice job!
  • Elaine Mishey had a very successful audition for membership!!  We'll be welcoming her officially soon!
NEXT WEEK - 10/16

Leads - We will have a sectional on non-Christmas music at 4:30-5:30, then dinner at 5:30-6:15.  

Christmas Chorus:
  • Happy Holiday 
  • Peace on Earth
  • BankAmericard
Regular Repertoire:
  • Fun In Just One Lifetime
  • Review worksheets (You are in Charge of You)
  • Quality control reviews on After I'm Gone

Kathy Scheel,
Oct 9, 2018, 11:20 PM