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posted Oct 9, 2019, 2:25 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Oct 14, 2019, 9:34 PM ]

Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world when you’re singing with your whole heart and there are over 30 women singing in harmony all around you?!  I LOVE THAT!   I can hear that you’ve been working hard to learn the songs and now we’re about ready to start the process of polishing them!  That’s when the magic really happens!   When you are off the sheet music (memorized), you are then able to focus more on the nuances of singing in a really great ensemble - synchronization, matched vowels, resonance, dynamics, as well as the visual presentation.

GOAL:  All songs memorized by October 15.  You can do it!

Here’s what you can do this week:

  • Read each song to get the emotional message of the lyrics. 
  • Sing in front of a mirror to see if you are actually showing the emotion you are feeling when you sing.
  • Make a video of yourself singing and see if you are performing with your whole heart and soul and body and FACE!

You’ll need to be really solid on your part because I’ll be working on a riser chart this week and you will likely be standing next to someone who’s singing another part.  In about 3 weeks (early November) we will do some evaluations to be sure everyone is singing the correct notes.  In order to be ready for that, be sure to record yourself every week, and every time you rehearse, then listen to the recording while you watch the music to check accuracy.  Your recorder is your best tool, so use it regularly.  

Think about how YOU can add to the chorus sound with your presence, your intelligent musical decisions, and your beautiful voice.   When you rehearse at home, do more than just sing through the songs – PERFORM THEM with great gusto, all the dynamics, and facial expressions, and your entire being.  Why do anything less?  It’s MUCH more satisfying to you, me, and the audience!  Totally own your part and you’ll be a confident, fabulous performer!

TENORS – Practice breathing with a great amount of space/height so the high notes are completely free of any tension or tightness.  Bubble each phrase and feel the way the notes are relaxed and open, as well the amount of air that is required – then capture that same feeling when you sing the lyrics.  Doing this will allow you to soar with ease, without vibrato, and you’ll match each other so no voices are sticking out – blend!

LEADS – You are doing such a great job of owning your part, but pay close attention to the accurate ascending intervals so that your highest notes are always sparkling and ringing.  You are much more than “just the melody” – you’re the lead section, so you are the prominent sound in every chord.  It all starts at the breath, so be sure to practice the OH space in each breath.  Work on singing the exact same phrasing for Whether Good, Whether Bad to improve unity.  

BARITONES - You have the fun responsibility of filling in the chord between the leads and basses, and you always need to sing with your entire voice at all times.  There are very few places where I don’t want more baritone sound, so work on singing a fully resonant sound at all times.  And don’t be afraid to use more of your chest voice so it has more presence in the sound.

BASSES – When you singing a lighter tone, it’s absolutely beautiful.  When you rehearse at home, record yourself and listen for places where you can sing with less volume and more finesse, allowing the beauty of your voice to shine through.  And it helps match the other basses, too!


·       10/15 – We will be adding some visual plans to a couple of songs – staging and light choreography.  If you want/need a video of the plan, bring your smart phone and capture the moves on your camera.   

·       10/19 and 10/20 – Coaching with Tori Postma at another location (not the Elks).  Guests are encouraged to attend if you are familiar with I’ll Be Seeing You and After I’m Gone.  We’ll also do some work on a few of the other songs that we’ll be performing on the show.   More information will be posted in a separate Kathy’s Korner, so check there for details.

·       10/22 – Visual plans presented and polishing the songs.  EVERYONE try very hard to be at the remaining rehearsals so we can make progress with all the voices and bodies!

·       10/29 – Halloween costumes!  No risers, and we’ll rehearse in The Nest (the room that’s on the opposite side of the building, on the other side of the entrance) because the main room will be undergoing noisy construction/demolition that evening.  We won’t have risers, but we’ll do lots of duet work and get the songs even cleaner.

·       11/5 – No risers again, but we’ll be in the main room.  Duets and trios and staging.

·       11/12 – No risers again, but we’ll be in the main room.  Duets and trios and visual work.

·       11/19 – Working the entire performance package.  Be flexible on rehearsal time, because I’d like to work on the entire show package. Guests stay later.

·       11/26 – Working the entire performance package. Be flexible on rehearsal time because I’d like to run through the entire show package.  Guests stay later.

·       12/3 – Rehearsing at the Dayspring Fellowship Church in Keizer.  This is our final rehearsal and it’s essential that EVERYONE attend.

1st Half:

  • Sister Act (pitch blown: B, basses’ note, but may try C next week)
  • Change the World (pitch blown: B, basses’ note)
  • Whether Good, Whether Bad (pitch blown: B-flat)
  • After I’m Gone (pitch blown: F, bari/bass unison)
  • I’ll Be Seeing You (pitch blown: B, up ½ step from sheet music)
  • Star-Spangled Banner (pitch blown: D, first note for everyone)

2nd Half:

  • Happy Holiday (pitch blown: E-flat, the bass & tenor note)
  • Winter Wonderland (pitch blown: E, bass/bari unison, then build the chord)
  • BankAmericard (pitch blown: E-flat, bass/bari octave)
  • Scarlet Ribbons (pitch blown: E, ½ step up from sheet music)
  • Mary, Mary Rock (pitch blown: E-flat, basses’ first note)
  • Mary, Did You Know (pitch blown: D

I’ll be updating Performance Central on the website soon, so watch there for updates. If you said “maybe, unsure, or possibly” for any of the dates, send me a note to verify a yes or no so I can work on standing arrangement. 

Have a wonderful week (and please remember to check emails every 2 days and respond as needed).