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SUMMARY - TIPS (3/5/19)

posted Mar 6, 2019, 9:20 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Mar 6, 2019, 9:49 AM ]


 GUESTS:  We started by welcoming three guests -   Bree Thomson (former guest), Tammy Lantis (former member of OSC), and Dagmar Amrien (who passed her audition last night).     


  • Elaine Rosenberg presented the Spirited Sister Boa to Sara Amato.  
  • Elaine then led the "Starting out Right" to identify our goals for our Advance weekend, as well as the behaviors that can prevent us from reaching those goals, and the behaviors that can HELP us reach them!
  • Cindy Meyers reminded everyone that dues must be current in order to be eligible to perform with OSC in Reno.
  • We honored the anniversaries of membership to:
    • Janet Owen - 5 years
    • Janice LaCombe - 11 years
  • Janice LaCombe reminded us about the ongoing scrip (gift card) fundraising program; she takes orders on the first Tuesday of every month.


You're all doing such a wonderful job on all the songs and brought your best to chorus - I'm so excited about the trajectory!  This coming weekend is going to bring both contest songs up another level as you continue to embrace at ever-higher degrees:

  • Totally unified singing
  • Breathing to set up a resonance sound
  • Pure target vowels and diphthongs
  • Quick, energized, emotional breaths
  • Involved faces and bodies
  • Attention to tuning and constant awareness of the tonal center

Here are a few tips for your homework:

  • Press your palms together in front of you; feel the lifting and separating of the ribs.  Strive to maintain that lifted feeling and never allow your ribcage to collapse.  When you are singing, the diaphragm is lifting to expel the air from the lungs, but the ribs stay high and wide.  You can even sing with the palms pressed together to check to see if your ribs stay in this position (without any tension).
  • Hold your mouth open by pressing your cheeks tightly between the molars so that you are unable to swallow.  This means your tongue is out of commission.  For many singers, the tongue causes a lot of tension and diminishes your resonance!  Sing a phrase on OOO and feel/hear the added space as the air comes up from the lungs and is forced to the back wall of the throat, like a little balloon.  Now reproduce that same feeling/sound with the words (mostly vowel sounds, very minimal consonants).  Do this every day and you'll be amazed at the improvement in your sound - more consistency, more resonance.
  • Bubble a phrase; notice the constant airflow required to bubble.  Now sing the phrase with that exact amount of airflow.  Do this repeatedly on all songs so you get accustomed to the feeling of singing on a column of air, with a more legato approach (less choppy).
  • Sing the ballad with the lead track (attached at the bottom of this article).  
  • Check the tonic notes with your PanoTuner app - especially on the tags.
  • Bubble much higher than usual in order to stretch the vocal cords and help them be more limber and flexible, especially for the tag of the uptune.  
  • Work the songs from the back to front.  Start with the tag (last several measures) and sing it with your very highest level of finesse, tuning, energy, vowels, everything!  Then back up a little and sing from that spot to the end, using all the skills you've learned.  Then a little further forward into the song, etc.  When you get to the intro (beginning), sing through the entire song and strive to have the same amount of energy/stamina at the end as when you began at the tag.  This will build consistency and stamina.


RTA (Retreat to Advance)


  • Bring your recorders to RTA so you can capture a lot of the instructions
  • If you have a video camera that we can use, let Lynne Rice (Advance Chair) know.  
  • If you have an act for the talent show - one of the highlights of the weekend - let Lynne know.
  • It's gonna be cold so bring warm stuff in case we decide to build a fire in the outside fire pit.
  • Read the booklet that you received in your email about 2 weeks ago.
  • Get lots of rest on Friday night!


I've not heard from anyone planning to come to my house on Thursday this week, so I'll assume it's a week off.   Just let me know by Wednesdays if you want to come and work on vocal skills, breathing, resonance, notes, showmanship - whatever you want.    


See you this weekend - I can't wait!!

In harmony,    Kathy





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Kathy Scheel,
Mar 6, 2019, 9:20 AM