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SUMMARY - January 2, 2018

posted Jan 2, 2018, 11:21 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jan 3, 2018, 8:33 AM ]
It was great to be back to regular rehearsals tonight!  We missed some of our lovely ladies (sick, travel, etc.) but hope to see all of those smiling faces back next week.  There were 4 returning guests and 1 new one, so let's show our customary hospitality to:  Karen Wildman, Denise Taylor, Leah Law, Hayley Bault, and Karen Newman.

We went through the songs that are currently planned for the February 2nd, performance in Albany.  Be sure to let Diane Watson know immediately if you have not yet informed her of your availability (we've for 22 singers so far, but haven't yet heard from 7 of you).  We really want to make this a very special evening, partly because it's a place that's close to Cat West's heart but also because it serves a very important role in the community to help women coming out of difficult relationships - a very worthwhile cause.  I know you'll rehearse the songs this week so we can really spend the time polishing them together at next week's rehearsal.  As you rehearse, be sure to include the showmanship (choreography and characterization, body language, rhythmic movement, facial expressions, etc.).  

Here are some general notes on each song:

Happy Together 
-  Pitchpipe:  B
-  Metronome:  133 beats
-  Download an app for a metronome and play it close to your ear as you sing this song.
-  Also download the PanoTuner app so you can check your tuning to be sure you're hitting the higher notes in your respective parts.
-  Choreography is simple and should help you keep the tempo.  Refer to videos on the website.
-  Basses, I'm counting on you to keep that tempo driving forward and energized.
-  Everyone, sing through to the ends of the phrases - no white gaps between phrases.
-  Pay attention to primary vowels (AH, EH, EE, OH, OO)
-  Each breath should be with the space of an "inside smile".

All the Way
-  Pitchpipe:  
-  Use your tuning app to check for tuning, especially on the first page (intro) and also for leads every time you jump up to the high notes on "All the way".
-  Remember to lift/expand every phrase ending and energize it into the next phrase.
-  Breaths should all have passion and energy and emotion!  Think of the beautiful lyrics!

Can't Buy Me Love
-  Pitchpipe:  D
-  Metronome:  92
-  Everyone work on smoother delivery (less chopping) by focusing on vowels and minimizing consonants.  It may sound "mushy" at first, but as long as you're keeping the energy and keeping tempo, it'll be great.  
-  Sing full phrases - all the way to the ends (stopping too soon).
-  Work on choreography.  Refer to the videos on the website.

All the Things You Are
-  Pitchpipe:  F
-  Lots of passion and positive energy in this beautiful song!  Let yourself go and move freely.
-  Tenors - work on singing those higher notes with complete openness. Do range-stretching exercises so they are effortless.
-  Basses - sing the lower notes way out in front of you with no tension so they are not swallowed. 

Peace on Earth
-  Pitchpipe:  
-  Sing with lots of lyrical meaning and drama.

And So it Goes
-  Pitchpipe:  D
-  Lots of ebb and flow on this number, so listen to the learning tracks and let's pull it together for the performance.  Audiences love it and I know the chorus enjoys singing it, too.

Sweet Dreams
-  Pitchpipe:  D#
-  Metronome:  125
-  May have new choreography soon (fingers crossed) - wish we could reprise our glow sticks....

Who's Sorry Now
-  Pitchpipe: E
-  Metronome:  116  (starting at bass pickup on measure 16)
-  Work on choreography - the video and instructions were sent in December so make time to learn it. 
-  We'll be showing it to Tori Postma on Jan 20-21 so you need to know it by then! 
-  Pure target vowels.
-  Left every phrase and sing to its full value (to ends of phrases).
-  Energized breaths - more than you think!
-  Huge characterization on this.

Somebody to Love
-  Pitchpipe:  D-flat
-  Metronome:  80 (starting at measure 6)
-  Sing with the learning tracks and sing with every other part so you know what the other parts are doing, and how your part fits into the whole sound.  This is important to understand - and it will strengthen you as a singer!
-  Move your body rhythmically all thru the song.
-  Basses, remember you should be singing doo-doo instead of dmm-dmm on many places.
-  We'll sing this in sections on stage.
-  Marla, you're doing a fabulous job on that solo!  Now loosen up and have fun with it (visually).


Our  membership recruitment event is coming up soon!  January 9 and 16 is A'Cappella 101 (free group voice lessons).  Please be sure to let me and Janet Owen know who you've invited (if they're coming) so we'll have plenty of handouts copied.  The lesson is from 6:00-7:00, so ask them to come a little early (5:45) so they can get signed in.  All members are invited to attend these lessons, too; it's not just for guests!  

I'd like to bring some other songs back into the repertoire in the next couple of months, so please find time to review these:

    -  Just the Way You Look Tonight
    -  Forgotten Dreams/Long Ago & Far Away
    -  Star-Spangled Banner
I love the enthusiasm I'm seeing and hearing in the Chorus Values discussions.  Thanks so much to Elaine Rosenberg for her excellent job in facilitating this important journey of rediscovery.  It's great to know that we're all going in the same direction together!  I look forward to the next step as we move closer each week to action items, accountability, and goals.  EXCITING STUFF!

YOU make a huge difference in everything that we do - everything that we are.  YOUR voice is part of the overall sound of OSC.  Thanks for making the commitment to make OSC an important part of your life.  I love you for the passion and beauty that you bring each week.

Happy singing!

Love, Kathy