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posted Feb 7, 2018, 10:38 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Feb 7, 2018, 3:48 PM ]
Attached is the recording of Who's Sorry Now from last night's session with Ryan Heller, and some notes for you to use as you rehearse this week.  It's so important that you rehearse as soon as possible so you'll retain more and be able to reproduce what you accomplished.  Always sing with 110% energy and never allow yourself to just "sing thru" a song.  When you sing with your entire voice/body, with all the energy that you can, you are building the much-needed stamina that the judges (and all audiences) are looking for.   [Energy is noted on every judge's score sheet, so it affects all four categories: Sound, Expression, Showmanship, and Music.]

    • Work hard at staying in the key of F throughout the entire song.  This is mainly done by paying attention to two primary things:
    • Clean and accurate intervals, almost always approaching them from the high side of the note.  Have a feeling of lift and singing in the upper half of your face at all times.  
    • Every breath must be quick and energized.  It's what sets the sound for everything to follow.  
    • Check your adherence to the key by blowing the F on a keyboard app on your smart phone or computer.  Record yourself singing in tune and then make that a new habit.
    • We'll start each week in sections (on the risers) to help with section unity.  This gives you an opportunity to re-establish the Rich, Round, Ringing sound and get really solid so you will have a stronger presence when you return to your normal place on the risers.
    • YOU are in charge of the tempo.  You need to own that new tempo!  That's a singer-driven skill that is exciting and will allow me to focus more on the sound (including sync, vowels, diphthongs, interp, dynamics, etc.).  Make time to internalize the tempo.  Basses, always sing just slightly ahead of the rest of the chorus.  Anticipate every pickup and every chord, especially the ones with the larger intervals.
    • The accelerando (m9-12) are now a little quicker to speed up.
    • The syncopated measures (m21-24) are losing tempo, so we'll be working on that syncopated rhythm.
    • Target vowels - you know this stuff.  PAY should be PEH, WAY should be WEH, etc.
    • HOW should be a tall HAH - (like HOT) not HA (like HAT) -  keep the corners of the mouth in
  • ALL
    • You all want to improve - and I love that!  You want to take charge of your progress - I love that, too!  So right now - as soon as you finish reading this article - record yourself and send it to your section reviewers (your section leaders plus whoever else they assign)
    • 100% accuracy is achievable!
    • KNOW the choreography plan and rehearse it every day so you are absolutely solid on it.  We didn't work on any of that last night but I'll be working the song in chunks, adding in the choreo while maintaining the sound.  But the real work happens between Tuesdays in your homes.  Get together with others in your section and practice it - watch each other - have fun while you work and improve!
    • Be totally accurate - no lazy singing allowed!
    • Energized the F on Friends and Facebook, and the B on Blocked
    • There are 5 coughs but do them more like heaves instead of throat-coughs.
    • Fixed the chords on the NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA -AHoo on the tag.  Practice this part.
    • M24 - top 3 parts (T/L/Br) hold that chord longer (until basses sing "who")
    • M25-28 - no vocal affects at this time (but Sandy may change this)
    • Sing a higher/lighter tone on the upper notes - always.  
    • You are the primary driver for the tempo because you have so many pickups in this song.  So you're going to feel like you are 1/2 step ahead of the rest of the chorus.  
    • Lots of energy and power required in your part - without muscle, tho.
    • Added notes to the tag on NA-NA....NAHoo
    • M56 - sync and tuning on pickup
    • Be more present at all times - sing like a Lead with that edge to your voice - but no tension
    • You've got lots of places in this song that feature your part so go for it
    • When you are below the leads, you can really sing a stronger sound
    • M62-63 - tuning issues
    • Added notes to the tag on NA-NA....NAHoo
    • Use that 3D breath to achieve resonance at all times - it happens on the breath, so every breath is an opportunity to make it better each time.  
    • M17 - Leads start strong and lighten up at top; this approach is repeated several times in the song, whenever you have similar phrases
    • Fixed the tag on NA-NA....NAHoo
    • Sing with a big, wide-open sound (not pinched or too far back/hooty) - sing into the Lead sound at all times.  
    • You have places in both songs that require you to really step it up!  Go for it!
    • Listen to the intervals of both songs and be totally accurate - even on the quick, passing notes.
    • Tag needs unity of vowel and accurate tuning - open right up to that NAHHHHH - let it fly!
I ask all Section Leaders to communicate with your sections to share additional section-specific notes.

Let's go for B+, girls!  We're getting closer every week!   I'm excited for the sessions coming up with Sandy Marron - I've wanted her to come for several years and I can't believe we finally get her.  This is a chorus INVESTMENT and will be an amazing session that you won't want to miss.  So stay healthy - be there - be strong - be proud.  Cuz you are all AWESOME!

Love, Kathy

whos sorry now_2-6-18.mp3
Kathy Scheel,
Feb 7, 2018, 10:38 AM